Co-worker passed away. Bad day at work

  1. 43 A coworker was rushed to the hospital on Sunday and was taken off the vent today. She left a son and a husband behind. This person worked at our hospital for just over a year as our assist. manager.
    I had to work today and we found out that they took her off the vent during mid shift, at a sister hospital. The chaplain came up for support and prayers, but the day was horribly busy with demanding patients that couldn't even muster a thank you to their nurses for pain meds, water or blankets. All the nurses had been crying in the breakroom over the news and missing lunch because the day was insane. Yet they walked back in the rooms with a smile on their face. I was really proud of my co workers today. We held that floor together because we worked as a team and gave hugs to each other as we were running down the halls.
    I worked 10 hrs before taking a break. It was an exhausting and very long day. I had to leave the desk many times to wipe away tears, but come back and answer the phone and pretend things were just fine.

    My co worker is now gone, and no longer in pain, but darn it all, she will be greatly missed.
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    So sorry about your co-workers passing, tokmom. Sounds like your floor has an awesome team, it's so great that you can all support each other through such a tough day.
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    I'm so sorry for your loss. Sending condolences and thoughts to you and her family.
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    I'm so sorry for your loss. I will be keeping you, your co-workers, and her family in my prayers.
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    I am sorry for the loss of your coworker. My prayers are with you and your coworkers in this time of need.
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    Oh, sounds like this was unexpected and quick. I'm glad that it sounds like you have great coworkers. Continue to support eachother, and my prayers are with you.
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    Im so sorry for your lost, sounds like you have a great support system in your co-workers, you all will get through it in time. I'll keep you all in my prayers. God Bless
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    What a tribute to your co-worker that you all pulled together and got through the day.

    I'm so sorry that you lost this person, as a co-worker and a friend. Hugs and prayers for all, including her family.
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    Hugs {{tokmom}} so sorry for the loss of your friend/coworker. Sounds like you and her other friends and coworkers will be a great source of comfort to each other in the coming weeks. :redpinkhe
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    I am sorry for your loss
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    I am so sorry, we lost a co-worker a few yrs ago the whole hospital mourned it was so sad so I understand your pain x
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    I'm so sorry for your loss. Prayers going up for you, your team, and the family.
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    Oh, toko! There is really nothing I can say but I am so, so sorry. Please be well, and stay strong.
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