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Fall 2011 nursing student, stay at home mom, and proud USMC wife :)

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  1. szeles23

    HELP!!!! (First Semester Nursing School)

    start doing the nclex questions at the end of each chapter in your fundamentals book. That will help with the critical thinking prep. Those tend to help. Don't read every single thing, unless your professors specifically test off the chapters. Mine don't and they tell us not to read everything. Know your basics, nursing process. If you know your nursing process that should be help, You have to have basic knowledge like your vitals and you have to know how to apply them. You need to focus on the concepts instead of just memorizing material, having an understanding of the concept is a must!
  2. szeles23

    What is your school's dropout rate?

    We started with a class of 56 and are now at 55. Yes we lost 1 at about the week and a half mark, and its the first semester. She had something come up I guess. We did ask students from the semesters ahead of us and they said normally you will lose between 2-4, but we will end up gaining some from a neighbor island or from someone who may have taken a LOA and is trying to grab a spot again. Either way my school has a pretty good success rate thankfully.
  3. szeles23

    Nursing Diagnosis- NO MORE??

    I have heard from the faculty in my program that the formal nursing diagnosis is something they are moving away from. They say it doesn't really make much sense, that in the real world you use the medical terms, not things like "impaired gas exchange" being pneumonia. Either way we still have to know how to do it but it may go away in the future. All of my faculty are NP/MSN or PhDs. I don't really care either way as I plan to further my career after my bsn :)
  4. szeles23

    iPad or MacBook Air? for Nursing Student?

    Go with an MBA. I use my netbook for now until I invest in a MBA. We do have a few people who have ipads in class but there are some disadvantages to them. I like having a computer with a keyboard so I can type my notes along with the lecture in class. During clinicals, my program won't let us have smart phones/pdas/ipads/ipods because we will have access to the agencies computers. Plus it also kinda could violate hipaa. One of my classmates actually brings both her computer and her ipad to school. I'm switching from pc to apple simply because I've had entirely too many pc's break on me over only a few years of ownership, one barely 2 years old... Apple seems a little more reliable.
  5. szeles23

    How hard is nursing school ?

    I'm through the first 2 weeks of my BSN program and yes I have to agree with the time management advice. There is A LOT of reading assigned at least the first two weeks, most professors say some things you can just skim but others will say read the whole chapter. In addition to multiple books and chapters you have to read, there are papers, and group projects, and research you need to be doing. I won't say its easy, but it is definitely worth it! :) Oh and quizzes you have to prepare for too. Also, its a very different type of learning, lots of critical thinking involved. Even from test/quiz #1. There is no regurgitation of information any more. I love it though. I wouldn't change my major for anything! :)
  6. szeles23

    Is it all going to DNP?

    That's what my school says, that the ANA is trying to ensure that all NP programs are DNP programs by 2015. My school has its first DNP program starting in the spring I think, maybe its fall, but I'm totally on board with it. Its still not 100% but many many schools are turning to DNP programs.
  7. szeles23

    Spring 2012 UH Manoa BSN Applicants

    Just wanted to say GOOD LUCK!!!! It's an awesome program! :) That wait sucks but it all seems like nothing when you finally get to go! Hoping you all get in!
  8. szeles23

    UHM nursing school 2012 spring

    Yeah they usually take your highest score in a category, but you still have to get at least 50% in all categories. Good luck guys!! Hope to see you all next semester! I'm pretty sure NLN scores are considered before the gpa's but don't quote me on that
  9. szeles23

    question about retaining infomation from pre-reqs.....

    I took my pre-reqs back in 2009 and 2010 so it has been more than a year. I don't remember everything but I do remember many of the anatomical names and locations, especially bones and organ parts lol. It will all come back to you. If you want get some netters or barrons flashcards and review or get some apps on the android or apple market, I got a few free ones and they do help! I'm not too terribly worried about remembering everything from A&P, micro, and chem since patho is one of our classes this semester. I think it will all be ok. We start monday WOOHOO!!
  10. Nursing assistants will not replace Physician's assistants, at least not here in the US. A phys. asst. (PA) functions like a Nurse practitioner here. Nurse assistants are usually nurses aide's (CNA's) etc. The main difference between a PA and an NP is that in many states an NP can have their own practice, whereas, a PA always has to practice under a licensed MD/DO. Many NP programs require you to have at least 1 year of experience as an RN, some even require more, like 2 years, or require acute care experience. It all depends on the program you are looking at. One note to consider is that by 2015 the ANA theoretically wants NPs to become DNPs, doctor of nursing practice, in order to work independently. According to my school this change will happen in or around 2015, so that might influence your decision as well. Most PA schools are 24-27 months but are highly competitive, like CRNA schools, NP schools etc etc. Hope this helps.
  11. szeles23

    Just getting started, a little intimidated

    You should ask your professor if you can bring a tape recorder to class and record the lecture. Or bring a laptop and type their notes if you are a fast typer.
  12. szeles23

    Transfer nursing student?

    As a general guideline...Nursing classes don't usually transfer. Sometimes they do, but don't bet on it because each and every program is entirely different.
  13. I bought half from Amazon and half from the bookstore. I'm a bsn student as well. Do you have any friends in the class above you? Sometimes buying or borrowing from them works out nicely.
  14. szeles23

    Bachelors in Nursing?

    totally agree with this advice!!!
  15. szeles23


    I can understand asking males to leave for religious or cultural reasons, but seriously as a mom of two kids, I did not care who was in the delivery room, I just wanted the kid out. I know many first time moms aren't the most comfortable with male caretakers but so many obgyn's are male. I think most of the time you will be allowed to go and see and learn, but there may be a few moms for personal reasons maybe that don't want you in there. Just like male pt's sometimes prefer a male provider and nurse.