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    I found an opportunity to become a CNA at a nursing facility. I took the course and became a NA and quit before I took the CNA exam because a whole lot of it had to do with the way the other CNA's treated me and found that it wasn't quite what I expected.

    I got into nursing because of wanting to make a difference in someone's life, but with the amount of patients I would have to take care of (about 16-20) and because I had never done anything like it before and feeling like I was getting pulled in a thousand different directions all at once, it was very overwhelming and pretty much every day I went home crying and stressed, but I felt like I had a purpose with helping people.

    After I quit, I ended up taking the CNA exam on my own and though for sure I failed the skills/clinical portion of it, but instead passed my exam. Not with flying colors like I'd hope I would have, but I passed and I felt so accomplished by that. I definately need something challenging at work or otherwise I am bored out of my mind. I told myself that I wasn't going to get into nursing ever again because of my experince at the nursing facility, but the idea of becoming a RN hasn't really ever left the back of my mind.

    I know nursing is a stressful field and would like to have some opinions as to see if anyone thinks I have what it takes to be a nurse. I am caring and compassionate and have patience (most of the time), however I feel like I get stressed easier than some people and don't do all that great in emergency situations. I play by the rules every time and try and go the extra mile for the patient (even if they weren't mine). A few of the residents who I took care of said I would make a great nurse.

    I had a really weak stomach when I first started my class, especially with having to clean up crap. There was one resident who had really bad bm's and I was gagging in front of her and my CNA I was shadowing did it for me (I apologized after to her because I felt bad), by the first week I was on my own with her, I was able to change her brief without any problems. By the end of my first day while shadowing my CNA, I changed an ostomy bag with her help. My CNA and some other CNA's said that I was doing a really great job.

    What are some characterists of a good nurse? I am afraid that because I get stressed and because I take a lot longer on some things than others that I am not cut out to be a nurse. I have a bubbly personality, but there are some days when I would just rather take care of people and not spend that much time with them. I was told by the DON that because a lot of the geriatrics were sick, not to take it to heart if they start yelling at you, they can't help it. I do have a tendency to take it to heart and sometimes I feel like I am too caring. Please be honest with me, do you think I would make a good nurse?

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    Thick skin---you will NEVER make everyone happy. As long as at the end of the day you feel good about the work you did and the care you gave you will sleep good.

    Also a nurse MUST be flexible--your pts will change on you in a split second.

    Good luck!
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    P A I T I E N C E....

    If you don't have it now you'll develop it soon enough. ROFL....
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    A thick skin is a must and so is patience. You may want to try working as a CNA in a hospital instead of LTC.That might also make a difference in patient load. Focus on the patients and you'll do fine. You need a caring, compassionate heart, thick skin, patience and flexibility.
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    Being organized. Knowing when to pick up the pace, knowing when to slow down. Knowing that it's impossible to be everything to everybody and how to prioritize. It's very tough at first. It takes about a year - this is where patience with yourself comes in.
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    You seem like a very caring and motivated person-if you can handle the "bookwork" part of nursing school, you will probably make a fine nurse.

    It takes time and practice to develop that thick skin, and to develop good time management skills. As for dealing with emergencies, getting used to that takes time and practice. If you fall apart under many situations that don't faze most people, then nursing is not for you. Otherwise, I wouldn't worry too much about it. These skills will come.

    I love to see caring people join our field. Good luck!

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    Nursing comes from within, the desire to help people. You either have this desire, or you don't. Simple.
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    a bladder the size of a horse.. you never get to go pee pee and sometimes i don't remember i have't pee pee'd until i get home
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    Take it from someone who has been in the field for 24 years: YOU ARE TOO GOOD A PERSON TO GET INTO NURSING!
    don't do it. I feel brutalized by the experience.

    Nursing is an unforgiving field.

    #1 Nurses eat their own. I have never been in a field where women are so vicious to each other.

    #2 Your employer will put you in impossible situations, like giving your too many patients to be safe and then blame you if you can't handle it. Don't ever look to management to back you up or care about happens to you.

    #3 Patients will treat you very disrespectfully. Ever notice the way nurses are portrayed in movies, greeting cards, stories? We are either Nurses Ratched or Nurse ****.

    #4 Insulting pay for the responsibility you have.

    There are alot more reasons. Don't get stuck in a profession that will leave you burned out, emotionally and physically
    damaged and last but not least, broke.

    The word that was censored begins with an "s" and ends with a "t".
    Last edit by Libra on Jan 2, '09 : Reason: Please do not censor my message. the word that was covered up begins with an "s" and ends with a "t". Thank you very much.
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    Quote from kizzykatlove
    a bladder the size of a horse.. you never get to go pee pee and sometimes i don't remember i have't pee pee'd until i get home
    I find it hard to believe this...I see nurses taking lunches,sitting by the desk charting,I understand that sometimes you wont be able to take a lunch but I'm sure you can manage to use the bathroom...

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