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  1. Atheos

    Do you ever feel guilty about....

    We are supposed to do things on our day off? I suppose playing GTA4 all day counts for something.
  2. Atheos

    Why would a facility over-hire nurses?

    I agree. We do this at our facility. Having an abundance of nurse and CNA staff has proven to be a boon. We don't have trouble filling shifts and frankly, having more PT and PRN staff and less FT staff cuts down on the cost of benefits and allows us to use the money in other ways (pay, incentives, etc.). It also makes scheduling far easier and has actually freed me up to take on more responsibility saving more money in the budget. There ARE two main benefits from this however. The first one is that it gives us a position of power. Don't hate me but I don't have time for some of the games that employees play. I've played them in the past. If you can't help me out I have X many more people that can. The second one is that if I have an employee that is causing problems I can reduce their hours or replace them completely without going through the hassle of counseling, educating or other avenues. I say hassle because it IS a hassle. Many of these reasons sound harsh but business is harsh. Employees and employers owe nothing to each other. Employees advance in skill because it benefits them. Employers offer certain benefits and incentives to employees because it benefits them. It's nothing new.
  3. Atheos

    Apple in hot water over 'baby shaker' computer game.

    I play all sorts of violent video games. Sniping, stabbing people, flame throwing people, dropping frag grenades. I still personally believe Grand Theft Auto is the BEST game ever made. Running around perpetrating random violence. Or pimp slapping women randomly. Guess that makes me a danger when dealing with patients... It's a video game. Gotta love how people blame video games, music, tv, lack of religion, friends, the devil, the purple people eater for their problems...
  4. Not to be contrary or anything but you realize that resident's right WASN'T invented by nurses. In fact, for DECADES nurses were the MAJOR offenders until people cam along and told them how to do their job. The OP would be better served by getting off the high horse and either making the other supervisor's feel good by verbally humoring them or better yet being a good employee by considering it and laying out respectfully to them why it won't work. In any case, trying to 'put them in their place' is stupid because nurses have had to be put in their place as well... Remember, the next time some of you get mad because someone wants to 'tell you how to do your job' that, the reason we have state inspections AND resident's rights is because of the way 'nurses and nursing staff' USED to do their jobs. Heh. I'll go get my flame retardant suit.
  5. Atheos

    Back stabbing STNA....HELP !!

    Sueing is going to go nowhere. If you were both arguing in the hallway then you both were wrong. Even if you WEREN'T arguing back the perception to the residents was that you were.
  6. Atheos

    Staffing in ALF

    Well the Regs say... It doesn't seem to differentiate between levels of care so I personally would maintain staffing for the entire building to the reg standards.
  7. Atheos

    Staffing in ALF

    No expert but here it is not determined by the resident's individual level but by the building's type of license. We have an independent living that has an AL license. To maintain the license we have to follow all AL regs and not the IL regs.
  8. Atheos

    My 9 year old patient was raped and required surgery

    No such thing as 'getting off easy' when going to prison as a Child Molester...
  9. Atheos

    MCI in Manassas VA

    30000? For a LPN certificate? You have GOT to be joking...
  10. Atheos

    Friendship Linked to Longer Life

    How well does this study apply to people that are natural loners though? The people that DON'T want someone to turn to?
  11. Atheos

    Terrible clinical day, nurses don't seem to care.

    Maybe you got a bad batch of nursing staff? It happens.
  12. Atheos

    How do I deal with this patient's family members?

    Didn't mean to scare you. Just something I learned in my 6th week of being a CNA... The facility/organization/employer WILL try to sell you out. The only thing that saved me is that about 12 different CNAs on different shifts told the same story and named the same nurses. The best advice a state inspector told me was document EVERYTHING. You are your only protection. I'd still call APS if I were you. You WON'T get in trouble and they most likely WILL go out and investigate both the family AND the HH agency. You will find that APS people are generally very nice. I've seen them go after abusers like wild dogs seeing meat but I've never seen them go after someone that reported something. Even later. Plus, in your state you may be mandated by law to report it and if you don't you could possibly get in trouble. In my state not reporting can result in jail and/or fines + loss of license. Better to report and them not investigate than the alternative.
  13. Atheos

    Terrible clinical day, nurses don't seem to care.

    I can't speak to nurses but even after being a CNA for a while sometimes the caring slips. Or, and I think this is worse, the caring doesn't slip so much as you get used to someone's behavior and ignore it. Especially if you are already overworked. If you are overworked then dealing with a hopeless situation that you already know about can put needless strain on you.
  14. Atheos

    How do I deal with this patient's family members?

    Indeed. Courts are not likely to take your spoken account seriously. If you have detailed and dated written notes the courts WILL take that seriously. Especially as time passes because there is no loss of memory or possible error in your story.
  15. It IS a violation of HIPAA and many people have been fired over it. Improperly accessing a system containing HIPAA protected material is considered a HIPAA violation. Even if the info is yours.
  16. Atheos

    Terrible clinical day, nurses don't seem to care.

    I'm just saying it could have been any number of things. They could have dropped the ball. Of course, if you get a sitter for everyone that is scared and confused you'd have a HUGE bill. I don't think they are ever going to solve the problem. The main thing is to try and look at it through a new students eyes AND and seasoned veterans eyes and come to a good middle ground I guess. The first question I'd ask is where is the family? How come families have some how managed to get out of caring for their family members? The usual answers don't apply because this seems to be a big issue mainly in America. Shrug.