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BelleKat BSN, RN

CVICU, Burns, Trauma, BMT, Infection control
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BelleKat has 36 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in CVICU, Burns, Trauma, BMT, Infection control.

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  1. Have you read the thread ?
  2. BelleKat

    Absolutely FURIOUS!!!!

    Incredibly unprofessional and illegal,I'd be talking to a lawyer.
  3. Gah! Now it's in Fl,well it was just a matter of time.
  4. BelleKat

    Death of special patient

    I've met some really dear people and it's true that they take a piece of you with them. If it ever stops hurting then you need to take a break. [[[[Diane]]]]
  5. Thanks for your updates Indigo Girl and your sage,calming advice.
  6. BelleKat

    Biting my lip.

    Karma :monkeydance:
  7. The flu deaths in Mexico raise fears of global pandemic. This is a new flu virus that is not covered by the flu shot of this year and could take months to develop a vaccine for. This is very frightening. Mexico has shut down their museums,schools,libraries and theatres. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/30386163/
  8. BelleKat

    Newborn Kitten Emergency- Anyone???

    Aww I'm so glad the baby made it,thanks for taking such good care of them.:flwrhrts:
  9. BelleKat

    Cadiovascular Primary Prevention for Women... Hah!

    Oh I think men are much more hazardous!:lol_hitti
  10. BelleKat

    Fox News- Nursing: Recession Proof Career?

    :rotfl: :rotfl::rotfl:
  11. BelleKat

    Orientee's now being counted as staff!!

    Also maybe a note to risk management as this is hugely dangerous for the pts,they might want to know about how many lawsuits to anticipate. Sorry I know that's not very helpful but it really makes me angry what they're doing now. They keep precious few nurses on staff and threaten them with whatever if someone speaks up. It's "turn and burn" nursing still. That and they continue to perpetrate the myth of nursing shortage to keep new nurses coming out so they just figure they'll hire someone else who will do it when the nurses there resign. It's very discouraging,something is going to happen on par with what happened to the banks to straighten this out. There are people still raking in a lot of money(not the shareholders) and they're trying to sqeeze out every last bit before they're caught. As for the OP,if you feel you have to take an assignment you feel is unsafe fill out an incident report and see if the others who are placed in this situation do it too. Try not to be the only one doing something as that makes you a target. All the best :redpinkhe It will get better.
  12. BelleKat

    Fox News- Nursing: Recession Proof Career?

    Honestly! Fox News is an oxymoron.
  13. BelleKat

    9 patients responsible for 2,678 ER visits.

    Yes,back in the late 70's and '80's,deinstitutionalization was the big thing because of horrible stories of abuse by the state mental hospitals so they closed them and released the pts to the communities where other community based programs were supposed to take care of them like group homes,half way houses and so on. Those community based resources were never made available for whatever reason and these people are either homeless,in jail or dead. We definitely need to do something for them because the long term psych care they need is just not available anymore.
  14. BelleKat

    Please pray for a friends granddaughter!

    I'm so sorry to hear this,prayers and positive thoughts for the child and all involved.
  15. BelleKat

    Advice from RNs to a senior nursing student, please

    You sound just like I did in nursing school,my hands shook so much when I was trying to insert a foley in a woman I that it was impossible for me to get it in (LOL?) but my instructor was very understanding,in a stage whisper she just said "relax,you're doing fine". I also looked very young,I was 22 and looked 18 or so. I had experience as a CNA and started work on a busy surgical floor where once the staff there knew I could pull my own weight, they supported and helped me.That helped give me confidence because I was just sure that I didn't know anything. I also lost 40 pounds in nursing school,it was/is rough. You sound like a very conscientious and caring person we need you. Welcome!!

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