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BelleKat has 36 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in CVICU, Burns, Trauma, BMT, Infection control.

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  1. The IPN finally took my license

    So actually,after I looked trough all the paperwork the IPN has kicked me out twice for paperwork even though they said they never would. I was in the middle of moving and hadn't forwarded my mail yet and the new contract went to the Port Office. Whe...
  2. The IPN finally took my license

    Yes,I'll tell you all I know,I'll PM you.
  3. The IPN finally took my license

    Since I got very depressed in 1987 following a severe health issue( I had just finished working 8 years in charge of a Burn Center) I was reported to the IPN for depression. I jumped through all of their hoops,sat in groups of addicts who mainly talk...
  4. new grad options

    Hi,in my opinion no it's not. Just on a regular floor it's difficult enough to learn the priority setting and organizational skills while learning massive amounts of new information with increasing amounts of responsibility.In critical care just doub...
  5. Contaminated you wear scrubs to the stores

    Doctors.residents,medical students are immune to all germs do ya know? I love when they go into the isolation rooms,use their own stethoscope while leaning over the pt,their tie is laying on the pt and their coat is touching the bed. So they put thei...
  6. Swine flu raises fear of pandemic - Adults and Children

    Have you read the thread ?
  7. Absolutely FURIOUS!!!!

    Incredibly unprofessional and illegal,I'd be talking to a lawyer.
  8. Swine flu raises fear of pandemic - Adults and Children

    Gah! Now it's in Fl,well it was just a matter of time.
  9. Death of special patient

    I've met some really dear people and it's true that they take a piece of you with them. If it ever stops hurting then you need to take a break. [[[[Diane]]]]
  10. Swine flu raises fear of pandemic - Adults and Children

    Thanks for your updates Indigo Girl and your sage,calming advice.
  11. Biting my lip.

    Karma :monkeydance:
  12. Swine flu raises fear of pandemic - Adults and Children

    The flu deaths in Mexico raise fears of global pandemic. This is a new flu virus that is not covered by the flu shot of this year and could take months to develop a vaccine for. This is very frightening. Mexico has shut down their museums,schools,li...
  13. Newborn Kitten Emergency- Anyone???

    Aww I'm so glad the baby made it,thanks for taking such good care of them.:flwrhrts:
  14. Cadiovascular Primary Prevention for Women... Hah!

    Oh I think men are much more hazardous!:lol_hitti
  15. Orientee's now being counted as staff!!

    Also maybe a note to risk management as this is hugely dangerous for the pts,they might want to know about how many lawsuits to anticipate. Sorry I know that's not very helpful but it really makes me angry what they're doing now. They keep precious...