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  1. Assessments every shift?

    I had a family member who was a heart transplant patient and had to have a coronary bypass surgery 3 years post transplant. I stayed with him nearly 24/7 post surgery for 6 days, at a famous magnet teaching hospital. No complete assessments done shif...
  2. Burnout is creeping up on me...advice needed please

    If you have the heart for caring...and you do...keep your eyes open and maybe even consider doing private pay. (google that if you are interested.) Good luck! Reach out and see what you can find. You are a gift for those who need you-
  3. Home Health Case Managers

    How many visits per week do they need in order to get health benefits? Thanks, Pooksmom
  4. Home Health Case Managers

    I would be interested in hearing how RN Case Managers are paid at most Home Health Companies in Minnesota. How does this compare with your company? No need to name the company, but knowing if the income is mainly from MA or Medicare etc. might be he...
  5. How do I become a private duty nurse?

    Try googling "independent nurse entrpreneur" or "independent private duty nursing". You will get some hits. I am starting to look around in that area also, in Minnesota. Another source is the Nurse Entrpreneuer Website. I havent used it enough yet to...
  6. Starting private pay business

    I am interested in setting up a business doing private pay work using basic nursing skills, such as doing med checks, health teaching, senior safety checks etc. Will plan to start researching this more deeply in April. If you have leads, comments, or...
  7. Home based RN business

    I too will be leaving my home health job and exploring the same type of options, Davina! A couple of sources I found during a quick search" Check out the Nurse-Entrpreneur network. You can join for 15 bucks and get an hour of counseling(I have not do...
  8. Case Manager Pay

    I am curious, Kyasi-how much reimbursement does your company generally get from insurance for RN visits? Thanks, Pooksmom
  9. Case Manager Pay

    I think, after doing a few calculations, that the company is probably paying us the best that it can. That sounds crazy, but the company's clients are almost all MA. In our state, MA pays the company $70.00 per visit. The company pays us $38 per visi...
  10. Case Manager Pay

    Oooh, that is the 64 million dollar question! It is is difficult to figure that out, what with doing work in bits and pieces at home too. I will ask some of the other nurses what they think. Just as a rough estimate, I would guess that I spend about ...
  11. Case Manager Pay

    Thank you for the replies. The nurses at the company that I work for are feeling that we get paid a lot less than other RN home health case managers in the Minneapolis area. We get $36.00 per visit and that is supposed to cover our visit time, offic...
  12. Case Manager Pay

    How does your visit pay compare to the hourly pay? Our company pays 1.25 hours per visit, compared to the hourly rate that they pay for meetings/vacation pay/private duty pay. Thanks, Pooksmom
  13. Case Manager Pay

    The company that I work for pays RN Case Managers per visit. Unless the visit is to open a new client, we get paid for one and a quarter hours per visit. The Case Managers do the skilled visits and the supervision for Home Health Aides. We do not get...
  14. Home Health Agencies?

    Recover Health is very good, but I do not know if they hire new grads. Good Luck! Pooksmom
  15. Homebound Status

    I understand that Medicare patients can also go to church and still be considered homebound. The key is, that leaving home must be a considerable and taxing effort. Most of my patients have Medical Assistance (in Minnesota). Some of them have part-t...