Bye Bye Floor Nursing

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    I have left the world of floor nursing! It is like the clouds parted with light beaming down. I'm now only focusing on my grad program. Just 5 semesters left in my BSN to DNP. I detested every minute of the drive through experience that is floor nursing. Sometimes people really need to hear No!

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    Congratulations! The day after I left my hospital job I felt like I'd risen from the depths of hell. 15 months later I have ZERO thoughts of ever going back.
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    Yay!! Congrats to u!!

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    Congrats! I am sooo jealous!
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    I'm now an NP, but I quit my hospital job in January and my rehab job at the end of May. SO glad I did! I feel so much more free now.

    That being said, I kinda do want to get a per diem job as an RN and work 1-2 days a month in maybe rehab or ER just to keep some clinical skills up and up to date with some of the latest technology. Or maybe I'll just wait until I have more experience and do a per diem NP in the ER gig.
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    Congrats and good luck!
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    So you are going to get your DNP. Are you also going for your NP at the same time? If not, what do you plan to do, careerwise?

    I feel bad that you "detested every minute" of floor nurisng. Frankly, I fear for this profession, after reading countless stories of how many nurses dislike their jobs...
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    Quote from lub dub
    I feel bad that you "detested every minute" of floor nurisng. Frankly, I fear for this profession, after reading countless stories of how many nurses dislike their jobs...
    I think you should remember that people almost always talk when they're dissatisfied, but not always when they are satisfied. Notice the lack of threads here saying "I love my job!", because when people have a good day of work, they don't think to find a community online where they can tell everyone about it. There are over 2.5million RNs in the US, so I don't think this forum is a good representation of how they all feel in general.
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    Congratulations! I had similar feelings of a great burden being lifted and feeling free when I left the hospital for an outpatient job. I'm finding myself getting restless and bored now, though, and I have lots of thoughts of going back to acute care. The difference is that I would work part time, and I would be going back into it with my eyes wide open. Good luck in your future endeavors!
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    I too felt peace settle over me when I left but there are some things I miss. I work in a rural hospital so we worked ER/L&D/Post-op/Surgery/MedSurg. I miss the ER. NOT L&D. I've been asked to come back many times and I always say, thanks but no thanks.

    That doesn't mean there are not challenging days as a hospice nurse. But my goal is to be available for my son and that is it. My job is not what defines me.

    But yeah, I walk into the acute floor to do a hospice consult and I just can't imagine working those hours . . . .how I did it for 9 years I'll never know.
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