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  1. greygooseuria

    USM ABSN Clinicals

    I did the program and graduated in 2009. I'm in the FNP MSN program now. Clinicals start in the fall. The first two summer sessions are 2 classes each and have labs on campus. After that, you have 2 clinicals a semester. All of my clinicals were in Portland, but I was one of the lucky ones. I did my practicum in Boston but took the bus/train down there to do that. People do car pool to Lewiston if they need to for clinicals. An option is ZipCar. We have ZipCar in Portland and you could rent that the one or two days a week you need to commute if you can't carpool. A lot of my other accelerated student friends did carpool though. As far as rent, Portland prices are jacked up. Westbrook/Biddeford are cheaper alternatives, though you'd have to commute. Bayside Village offers student housing for about $500 a month.
  2. greygooseuria

    USM accelerated BSN May 2011

    I did the program and graduated in 2009. I'm currently in their MSN program. If you have any questions, let me know.
  3. greygooseuria

    These classes are nonsense

    Mine too! Haha.
  4. I think theory is more useful if you plan on going into research, because research really SHOULD have a theoretical foundation and lens. Here is why I think theory belongs in a master of science in nursing degree: because it is a MASTERS degree in the SCIENCE of nursing. There is a reason every APN has a core set of classes they have to take in addition to their concentration, and that is because it is the foundation of the degree. Are some courses going to be more useful than others? Yes. Having a BA in sociology, I can see value in theory. For example, I view most life situations and interactions from the lens of conflict theory and rational choice theory. It guides my thinking and how I process others' actions. It is good for EVERY academic discipline to have theories written down and recorded because without a log showing why an academic discipline IS what it IS, well....you just don't have a separate discipline and your discipline has no creedence. If you aren't academically minded, theory generally won't mean much to you, but to us that know how to utilize it, it is useful. So just suck it up and learn it and then forget it after your class is over if you want.
  5. I am currently in my second semester of an FNP program and will start clinicals next January and graduate in May 2013. After some soul searching about whether to do medical school or become an NP, I've decided being an NP is the right path right now and I can always do med school later if I so choose. Anyhow... Last semester I took advanced research, advanced patho, and advanced communication. This semester I'm in advanced pharm, advanced health assessment and differential diagnosis, and health policy, and by the time I start clinicals I will have all extraneous courses for my program completed. My question is what should I take to supplement my education, as we have to take at least one elective to graduate. The program offers courses in forensic nursing and a sports medicine orthopedic class for PCPs. Additionally, there are courses like advanced psychopharmacology, etc. that I could take. What do you think would add most to my career as an FNP? I plan on practicing in an HIV clinic, LGBT health center, perhaps on a med/surg unit, or even in primary care, depending on where I am able to find work (HIV and LGBT health care and pediatrics are my two loves at the moment). Any suggestions?
  6. I was gonna say algebra...maybe it's just your school that is horrible. I have one class in nursing theory in my FNP program and we skimmed it in research methods (and it was mentioned once in my BSN program for 10 seconds). I think it depends on the stance of the school, not the MSN degree in general. I think theory is important because it defines how we practice; for example, Florence Nightengale had a theory about disease causation and reduced mortality greatly. Medicine operates on theories. Every academic discipline does. My first BA is in sociology, and I think that allows me to understand where nursing theory is coming from as sociology is all about grand theories, and I see many of them being played out before my very eyes in settings and so I see theory as something that can be very applicable and I definitely use sociological principles in my care of patients. I do agree that some nursing theories are somewhat "fluffy", but I do see the benefits of Benner's Novice to Expert theory (and how it has been applied to orient new nurses with a thorough training period rather than throwing them to the wolves).
  7. greygooseuria

    Scary reading doctor forums about NPs...

    People do realize it was an MD that started the NP profession, right? I am in NP school right now and have been a nurse for about 18 months. Last month, I saved a patient's life by catching an error in prescribing that a doctor and pharmacist both missed until I caught it. Both have more years of experience than the amount of years I've been alive. I have come to view the health professions in a "you either have it, or you don't" manner. I may be "only" an RN, and "only" will be an NP, but I read the NEJM and read biochem, biophysics, and molecular genetics in my spare time. Not only that, I don't think those med students on that forum realize what nursing education is like and go by things such as course names to determine what we learn. At the undergraduate level, student nurses are learning diseases processes, pharmacology, etc. As a new grad RN, I had to help residents with prescribing and how to treat a patient because they didn't know what to order. Education is one thing; knowing how to apply it is a completely different world. I've met great NPs, PAs, and MDs and I have no problem at all with a PA being my PCP as she's the only one to catch a missed diagnosis that several MDs missed.
  8. greygooseuria

    What academic journals do you subscribe to?

    I was wondering what journals you all subscribe to. I am thinking of subscribing to NEJOM and AJNP. Are there any others that people would recommend?
  9. Linda, your analogy makes no sense since this ISN'T free. Requiring insurance is a good idea; now hospitals won't have to jack up prices from all the people visiting the ER without insurance and not paying for it. I don't believe healthcare should be a privilege available only to those rich enough to afford it. And people taking out LOANS to pay for healthcare?!?!!? ARE YOU MAD?!?!
  10. greygooseuria

    UIC DNP Program

    Anybody get called back for an interview? I'll be interviewing this Monday.
  11. greygooseuria

    Any UAB NP students/graduates?

    They currently do not have an application deadline for their fall semester.
  12. greygooseuria

    Any UAB NP students/graduates?

    I applied for Fall 2010 and am waiting to hear back. I was told I would get a response by June 30. The wait is going to kill me
  13. greygooseuria

    Move to Pittsburgh?

    Are you sure his school is near Highland Park? I can't think of ANY university up in that area...is he at Pitt or CMU? Those are in Oakland. Duquesne and Point Park are downtown. Magee is the OB/GYN hospital in the city. Children's has a NICU. If he is going to Pitt/CMU, I would recommend living in Shadyside. Nice, trendy neighborhood and it's affordable. Plus there's the Giant Eagle and lots of stuff to walk to.
  14. greygooseuria

    What time does PearsonVue post results?

    I took my NCLEX Thursday morning and finished just before 9AM...any idea when they post results on Saturday, if at all? I am DYING to know if I passed or not...according to the trick, I did, but I need confirmation! Thanks.
  15. greygooseuria

    How to let go

    It is her life, so she has the choice to do whatever she wants. That being said, it is NOT your fault and you did your best.