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A personal brag

  1. 29 I've been a nurse for a very long time. I don't need constant acknowledgement. However twice in the last week, I made a nursing "score". I don't work in an environment that really acknowledges these type of scores without it seeming like bragging self promotion. So I came here to share...

    One lady came in after a ft surgery with extreme unrelieved pain. It was obvious it was real. I suggested to Dr complex regional pain syndrome. And yep it was. No one had considered that

    We had a young mom with some surgical issues on high dose morphine and hydrocodone Oh, and she's breast feeding her 2 month old son. Morphine is an acceptable pain med for nursing moms but she was taking very high doses I got a lactation consultant in, who worked with their pharmacist. Turns out morphine was fine. But hydrocodone she was taking at home and most likely would have gone home on was too high of dose.

    These were "yes" moments for me. Moments that remind me that I'm not just giving meds or doing tasks. That what I do sometimes does make a difference

    {typing on my phone-yes, I know there are mistakes}
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    Congrats on these two (and I'm sure many many more not mentioned) cases of fantastic nursing judgement!
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    YOU ROCK!!!
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    How many times a day do we say, "Well if it was X, wouldn't someone have noticed by now?"

    thanks for the reminder that WE are the "someone," and if we don't take notice nobody will.
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    Thanks for both your comments and the opp to "brag"

    CRPS is often misdiagnosed and the pt is often considered malingering, even tho the pain is excruciating Early aggressive treatment is essential to a good outcome. Diagnosing it early helped improve that lady's long term prognosis--and I helped

    And to think that I helped to protect that baby boy from possible side effects----is an awesome feeling

    Moments like these help me make it thru the other not so satisfying moments of nursing
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    Awesome! Feels so good, doesn't it!
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    Isn't it great to be you today. Isn't it great to be you and an awesome nurse at the same time. YAY!!!
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    Good job!
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    That's another reason why it's a good idea to have another pair of eyes to look at something. You saw "it" when others missed it.

    Good job.
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    You rule!!!!!
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    Wow never even heard of CRPS. You sound like an excellent patient advocate and I would want you to be me/my family's nurse anyday!
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    Well done
    Its good to hear these things.

    Thanks for sharing