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I was wondering how everyone feels about12 hour shifts. Is it safe to work that long of a shift?... Read More

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    I don't love working 12 hour shifts; I enjoy not being at work 5 days a week. So, what would I love? Working 8 hour shifts 3 days a week.
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    I love 12's. I do days and its not a hosptial setting, nor is it geriatric LTC. We get overtime for over 12hrs in a day and our lunch break is paid. There is a lot of downtime and I only stayed late once. I just love my job!
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    I have worked 12s both on days and nights. I have worked 8s on days and nights. I have worked 10s on days.

    12s on days was great, because I only had to deal with patients 3 days a week, and was scot free for 4 days a week. When I worked 12s on days I lived 10 minutes from work, I got up at 0615, got to work at 0655, and was home from work about 10 minutes after I clocked out. I took a different job for various reasons, driving 75 miles (65 minute drive) one way to work, initially working five 8s a week, which was tolerable. Then I was on 12s, three nights a week. Which sucked! Nobody wants a 65 minute drive to and from work. Luckily this was when my parents had just moved cross country (my dad took a transfer), and my mom had not found a new job yet (she took her time as she doesn't have to work). I called my mom when I was on the freeway leaving work, and talked to her most of the way home each morning after work. Days she was busy kind of sucked for me. Regardless, I drank a rather large quantity of diet soda for the caffeine to keep me awake on the way home, which made sleep very difficult when I'd gotten home and taken the dog out. I'd finally fall asleep, but only nap about 3 hours. Only to do it all over again...

    I worked 8 hour days this fall which was nice but I missed a "day off". I have that now, I work 10 hour days with one day off a week plus weekends off. In my opinion, best of both worlds.
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    Quote from Jujubees
    Do you guys get overtime for the last 4 hours? Or when you work 4 12 hours shifts? When you miss your meal break do you get missed break pay? A few things I've been wondering, this seemed an appropriate place to ask.
    That would be a resounding NO to all three at my former hospital. I very routinely worked 48 hrs in a week (officially, though 4 12s really was closer to 52-56 hours in a week) without a penny of overtime.
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    Quote from Jujubees
    Do you guys get overtime for the last 4 hours? Or when you work 4 12 hours shifts? When you miss your meal break do you get missed break pay? A few things I've been wondering, this seemed an appropriate place to ask.
    12 hours is at straight time; anything over and beyond that is OT if its for a legit reason ie high acuity on the unit and you missed lunch, patient is starting to go down hill, working short

    If you work four shifts in a row and you picked it or switched with someone, it's considered straight time and typically, people have like four to five days off after that. If management makes you do four in a row, that would considered OT according to our union.

    People get lunch but sometimes it might be cut short; rarely will people report this for the pay since they would rather get out on time instead of staying after their shift to finish charting or whatever.
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    Quote from mustlovepoodles
    I hated 12 hour shifts. I worked nights and I never got enough sleep. 12 hour shifts just exacerbated the fatigue. And then I had a 45 min drive home, in Atlanta rush hour traffic. I fell asleep at the wheel a few times, luckily didn't hit anything, just shook myself up a bit. I found that i just couldn't tolerate the extreme fatigue. And it's not like you're really working 12 hours. By the time I got up, got dressed, ate and got to work, I had already killed 2 hours. Work 12(at least!), then drive home 45 min, eat a bit, then try to go to sleep. Total: 15hrs, minimum for my 12hr shift.

    Nope. Give me shorter shifts. In fact, now that I DONT work in a hospital I have fashioned myself a desk job where I can telecommute 3 days a week and set my own hours. Boo-ya!
    Yup! My thoughts exactly! I don't fool around with hospitals either.
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    What our hospital management likes to do is have us work 12s on Thurs, Fri, Sat, then Tues, Weds, Thurs. So you're doing 6 twelves in 8 days. None of it overtime since its technically only 3 days each week. Even better? A number of us were put through this over Xmas. Do you think we feel like going for a run after a stretch like that?
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    The link is to a editorial, not a study, but it brings up some serious safety drawbacks to both nurse and patients (not to speak of innocent motorists) as a result of 12s.

    American Nurse Today
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    Rather have 12s...I cannot tolerate working more than three days a week. If I have to work another day over, I absolutely cannot function...I just can't...And I'm talking about 5 8hr days. Too many days in a row. I like 2 days on a day off in between, day on, then three days off in a row.

    My unit staffs 50% Mondays and Fridays, three week rotations. You usually have two-three days off before the rotations happen, so if I choose to pick up shifts or a few hours here and there, I will try my best to at least have a day off before I pick up a shift, even if I can't pick up that day, my health is more important than extra money.

    Thank god we have no mandates...if they absolutely need people, we are able to negotiate time change, and that's usually doable...if not, I have enough skin in the game to catch up on sleep and still make my life-career balance work.
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    If you're having an M.I. and getting admitted to the ICU, or your beloved Grandma is having a stroke and is being admitted to the ICU: do you want me at hour 11 of my 6th twelve hour shift in 8 days? or hour 7 of my 5th eight hour shift? Put this another way, on my last hour of work in that long stretch of 12 hour shifts ... do you think I have the energy to really care?
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