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Salary for Florida Nurses

  1. 0 I've heard that the pay for Florida nurses is very low, is this true?
    Do you know what the starting salary of a new grad would be like?
    Also the salary of a nurse practioner (neonatal)?
    Any additional comments...
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    I'm hearing $21.50 at Florida Hospital, Tampa General , St Joe's for a new grad RN

    Nursing homes/ Home Health a few dollars more.
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    Baycare hospitals (Morton plant, Mease dunedin, Mease countryside, Morton plant north bay, st Anthony's, and both st joes) pay $23.50 base for new grad RN's
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    HI Danish,

    What about starting pay for new grad LPN's in the Baycare Hospitals? Or any other hospitals?
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    I couldn't say. I worked in the pool as an LPN before getting my RN for $21 base, but for pool you have to have hospital experience. I know Palms of Pasadena hospital and kindred both hire new grad lpn's. Unfortunately it is very difficult to get a position in a hospital as an LPN much less a new grad, so of you are offered a job take it. Get at least 6 mo to a year under your belt and you will be much more emplpyable. Trust me, it's tough all around for new grads. If I could offer any advice, I would say keep pushing forward with school and you won't regret it. Good luck!!
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    A new grad at orlandohealth is about $21-$22, but keep in mind that within a short period of time you could move up the pay scale quickly (with clinical ladder, etc.).
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    Can you all include the differentials for nights, holidays and weekends.

    I can tell you Orlando Health is $8.75 flat rate at night. $13.35 for winter holidays. Summer holidays is $3.20. Weekends $3.20. Between 7pm-1059pm is either 4 bucks or another 3.20.
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    Delray Medical Center offered me $26.37 as a new grad. Shift Differential $3 for nights.
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    Would any of you know how much a new grad gets paid in Naples, Fl?
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    I am a new LPN grad in Orlando and I just got a job offer for $20 an hour plus a $2 shift differential for working weekends.
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    Quote from tinkchic2121
    Delray Medical Center offered me $26.37 as a new grad. Shift Differential $3 for nights.

    That is an extremely high salary for a new grad. Will you be on a specialty floor? That is almost $30/hr for nights!!!
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    A majority of my classmates work in different hospitals throughout Palm Beach County and are also around the same pay rate.
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    will be relocating to melbourne, florida, anybody know the rate for an LPN in a nursing home with 3 years experience?