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Covid-19 OG RN. Trauma ICU Med Surgical ICU. Its been two years since that Grand Princess cruise shipped docked and I had to care for a covid patient. 

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Wolf at the Door has 11 years experience as a BSN and specializes in ICU.

Covid-19 OG RN. Trauma ICU Med Surgical ICU. 

Its been two years since that Grand Princess cruise shipped docked and I had to care for a covid patient. 

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  1. Wolf at the Door

    Radonda Vaught Trial

    The cause and affect of such a verdict will have a magnitude affect on the State of TN , Nashville, and Vanderbilt. If I was a travel nurse I would not step foot in that state. If I ever considered relocating I only see 49 states right now. TN ...
  2. Wolf at the Door

    Vanderbilt ICU Nursing

    No one in their right mind would work there now.
  3. Wolf at the Door

    Radonda Vaught Trial

    How many years of Critical care have you worked? It is an entirely different stress.
  4. Wolf at the Door

    Radonda Vaught Trial

    29 years of nursing experience and you only think she's playing victim and its not a system wide problem. If you only see it squarely falls on her shoulders after 29 years I am sad for you. If she is found guilty this profession will further be in t...
  5. Wolf at the Door

    ICU vs ER experience for employment at a Cath Lab

    ICU experience is needed. At my facility I go to cath lab and titrate drips for the ER and Med surg trained cath lab nurses.
  6. Wolf at the Door

    NxStage CRRT CVVH connection question

    https://www.nxstage.com/hcp/training-resources/simple/ videos online.
  7. Wolf at the Door

    Kaiser schedule

    Any temp listing is for travel nurses or Kaisers prn staff to lock themselves into a contract for 3 months. Different units at different Kaisers locations will be different. For example. Kaiser Santa Rosa NICU nurses work 8 hours. Adult ICU 12 hours...
  8. Wolf at the Door

    CVICU vs Float Pool

    easy pick. cvicu.
  9. Wolf at the Door

    Harbor UCLA or LAC USC for ICU

    ok. I know some Nor Cal hospitals that have break relief nurses that work 4-6 hours a day.
  10. Wolf at the Door

    Why wouldn't this cost of living hack work for California?

    Live in Sacramento. Work in Sacramento. UC Davis pays good. Kaiser Sacramento pay is equal to pay in Bay Area. It’s the same contracts. Getting a job in kaiser Sacramento is the hard part. Probably have to start in San Francisco. Maybe look wat UCLA...
  11. Wolf at the Door

    ECMO 3 day training class at Thomas Jefferson?

    Has anyone every participated in this course? Found it interesting. https://www.jefferson.edu/university/emerging-health-professions/programs/ecmo-training.html
  12. I believe you. I have had to fight for black patients to receive pain medication when they needed it. Example 1. A guy had an above the knee amputation. He was black. He was restless in bed. I look to give him something for pain and the only thing h...
  13. Wolf at the Door

    How I Made $93,000 My First Year of Nursing

    Travel for trips not as a travel nurse.
  14. Wolf at the Door


    Do you know if things ever changed were u use to work at? Do you keep up with staff that stayed?
  15. Wolf at the Door