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  1. Wolf at the Door

    MOVING! Best place to live with family RN Job

    not in Texas but OKC, OK.
  2. Wolf at the Door

    ucsf nurses

    Hi, I want to know if UCSF nurses were allowed to vote on wether or not they wanted to participate in a sympathy strike? Did CNA give notice without allowing you all to vote? The sympathy strike occurred in May of this year.
  3. Wolf at the Door

    John Muir MSICU - Bad job or not?

    how is it going?
  4. Wolf at the Door

    UCLA Hiring Process

    For experienced nurses or new grads?
  5. Wolf at the Door

    Cancelling a contract

    change your number, go to fl, and start over.
  6. Wolf at the Door

    San Diego Job Market/Cost of Living

    try kaiser. per diem requirement is easier.. i would think their per diem rate is the most for the area. Secondly I would probably consider UCSD. Its good to get in either system. Kaiser recently opened a new facility in SD.
  7. Wolf at the Door

    San Diego Job Market/Cost of Living

    Just good to have a fall back and the rising cost of living.
  8. Wolf at the Door

    Job Offer: Kaiser or UCLA???

    Do both. See if one will hire you as per diem and one benefited position. I would go with who offers the most minimally availability for per diem. That might be Kaiser. Kaiser health benefits are better.
  9. Wolf at the Door

    San Diego Job Market/Cost of Living

    Congratulations. I would try to get a per diem job ASAP.
  10. Wolf at the Door

    Vegas ICU jobs

    Sunrise has a horrible rep, just horrible. Why ICU? All you stated was you would like to get into ICU and your nerdy. 1000 post in.
  11. Wolf at the Door

    California ICU RN Job availabilities

    USC keck will probably have an opening. Also USC has a CRNA program. Kaiser will be difficult to get into.
  12. You were on Cal Train...just trying to clear up any confusion for those reading. Bart only goes as far south as SFO.
  13. Wolf at the Door

    NYU AND drug screen?

    They don't test on hire.
  14. Wolf at the Door

    Kaiser Permanente Compensation

    20 dollar an hour difference.
  15. Wolf at the Door

    Moving to California from NY in a few years

    If your moving from Albany NY to Albany CA than yes, it will be a very expensive move.