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  1. Wolf at the Door

    NxStage CRRT CVVH connection question

    https://www.nxstage.com/hcp/training-resources/simple/ videos online.
  2. Wolf at the Door

    Why wouldn't this cost of living hack work for California?

    Live in Sacramento. Work in Sacramento. UC Davis pays good. Kaiser Sacramento pay is equal to pay in Bay Area. It’s the same contracts. Getting a job in kaiser Sacramento is the hard part. Probably have to start in San Francisco. Maybe look wat UCLA per diem pays I think around $90 now
  3. Wolf at the Door

    ECMO 3 day training class at Thomas Jefferson?

    Has anyone every participated in this course? Found it interesting. https://www.jefferson.edu/university/emerging-health-professions/programs/ecmo-training.html
  4. I believe you. I have had to fight for black patients to receive pain medication when they needed it. Example 1. A guy had an above the knee amputation. He was black. He was restless in bed. I look to give him something for pain and the only thing he has on his mar was Tylenol. WOW!. I went to the intern and said he needs dialudid now. “Intern asked me do you think he’s in pain. I asked him do you think having your leg amputated doesn’t hurt? It’s a major surgery.” He smiled and chuckle and ordered the man pain medicine. He’s leg was cut off about 8 hours ago and nobody seemed to care to ask him if he was hurting prior to my shift. He was restless in bed.
  5. Wolf at the Door

    How I made $93,000 my first year of nursing

    Travel for trips not as a travel nurse.
  6. Wolf at the Door


    Do you know if things ever changed were u use to work at? Do you keep up with staff that stayed?
  7. Wolf at the Door


  8. Wolf at the Door

    Nurse Practitioner (Mother) leaves 21 month old in car for 8 hours

    Thats right you don't switch the child seat forward until they are a little older.
  9. Wolf at the Door

    Nurse Practitioner (Mother) leaves 21 month old in car for 8 hours

    Did I turn off the oven before I left for work or Did I lock the door. you go back and the oven is off and the door was locked. You don’t recall doing it. Hell I put something in the oven yesterday and thought my significant other did it but I did. The difference between me and the NP I actually questioned myself and sought reaffirmation. There has been times when I didn’t always check the lock door and kept going. That didn’t involve human being or pet being ok. I don’t buy how you miss the baby when you look in rear view mirror
  10. Wolf at the Door

    Conflicted with New Grad ED/ICU job offer

    What type of icu is this?
  11. Wolf at the Door

    Cancelling a contract

    change your number, go to fl, and start over.
  12. Wolf at the Door

    San Diego Job Market/Cost of Living

    try kaiser. per diem requirement is easier.. i would think their per diem rate is the most for the area. Secondly I would probably consider UCSD. Its good to get in either system. Kaiser recently opened a new facility in SD.
  13. Wolf at the Door

    San Diego Job Market/Cost of Living

    Just good to have a fall back and the rising cost of living.
  14. Wolf at the Door

    Job Offer: Kaiser or UCLA???

    Do both. See if one will hire you as per diem and one benefited position. I would go with who offers the most minimally availability for per diem. That might be Kaiser. Kaiser health benefits are better.
  15. Wolf at the Door

    San Diego Job Market/Cost of Living

    Congratulations. I would try to get a per diem job ASAP.
  16. Wolf at the Door

    What is a post cath interventional unit like?

    Can someone tell me what this unit is like? The above post by Vana21 was accurate. What's the patient population? see Vana21 Is it high-acuity and would you consider it "stepdown."? No What kinds of things do nurses to do on this unit? see Vana21 Would it be a good stepping stone to get into the ICU? Not really because these patients are stable. Any unstable patient would be sent to ICU. I would think there would be very few meds on this unit. I don't see this as something that will helping developing time management. A job is a job and that's all you need to start.