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For nursing students like myself, I thought it would be helpful and intersting to see what type of salary is out there for graduating nursing students for different area's. Looking around the site, I... Read More

  1. by   flugelnuss
    New grad ADN
    3.25/hr nights
    3.00/hr weekends
    Central Washington, hospital
  2. by   TerpGal02
    My first job out of school was $21 an hour at a non profit community mental health agency serving low income clients with severe and persistent mental illnesses. M-F 9-5, no holidays, 8hrs PTO per pay, 401K, okay insurance. My job now (left the first job after 9 mos) 22.83 + 4 hr diff on evenings, 7 hr diff on nights (which I never work), 401K plus matching, better and cheaper insurance, 10 hrs PTO. Private psych hospital. Both in MD. I am a RN ADN.
  3. by   grandpaj
    New BSN grad in May 2012. Medical oncology in Missouri.

    Base $17.75/hr + $1 BSN differential + $3 night shift diff
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  4. by   cabogirl
    New Grad, RN, NSN
    Central Valley, CA

    per-diem (working FT hrs)
    $43.75/hr base pay for first 8 hrs
    Time & a half for anything over 8 (I work 12s)
    $1.50 mid shift differential
    $3.00 night shift differential

    Overall, I average about $51/hr without benes
    I've got health insurance through my husband & like the freedom of essentially picking my own schedule - so Per Diem has worked well for me!
  5. by   msteeleart
    New grad ADN Columbus, Ohio. Community health psych nurse, $55k plus $.565 mileage. Mon-Fri 8 to 5, no weekends and I get paid holidays.
  6. by   Belle2013
    I am in HOU TX.

    - level 1 trauma hospital, nights = $30/h + $1.00 weekend diff.
  7. by   knittygrittyRN
    2013 BSN Hospital 29.00 in CT
  8. by   JMart83
    May 2013
    Southern Ca
    BSN prepared both New Grad positions

    OC Hospital
    Base: $30.50 for first 8 hrs; $45.00 last 4 hrs
    Night: +$3.50
    BSN: +.50 cents

    LA Hospital
    Base: $32. 80
    Night: +$7.00

    Both offer benefits, no weekend diff, holiday pay time and a half
  9. by   Ella26
    RN/ADN 2013

    Metro area (Twin Cities) MN

    Private Practice Clinic $20/hour

    M-F nights, no weekends or holidays, paid holidays, 401k with match and

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  10. by   aggieRN12
    New grad RN @ level 1 trauma Children's Hospital in Texas. (2012)

    Starting Pay: $24.75 base
    + $4 diff for nights
    + $6 diff for weekends
  11. by   KATRN78
    South Jersey, pediatric homecare - $26.00/hr and last-minute shifts pay $45.00/hr
  12. by   calivianya
    I'm having a lot of wage envy here. xD

    Georgia hospital, RN, $20/hr base, $2.75 night diff.
  13. by   FUTURE/CRNA
    Quote from calivianya
    I'm having a lot of wage envy here. xD

    Georgia hospital, RN, $20/hr base, $2.75 night diff.
    Hang in there !