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For nursing students like myself, I thought it would be helpful and intersting to see what type of salary is out there for graduating nursing students for different area's. Looking around the site, I see different salary threads,... Read More

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    Note to self: Do not move to Indiana to take a nursing job.
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    I started out in Texas, new grad on an OB unit, at 22.00 an hour, plus 1.50 specialty pay and a 3 shift differential. After two years of OB, I moved to Colorado and make 22.00 with a 4 shift diff. Good luck
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    2011 LPN new grad with 2 yrs CNA experience $16.05/hr + 15% night differential - skilled rehab unit at VA (five 8's on nights)
    2012 RN (ADN) new grad with above experience $23.15/hr + 1.50 nights + 1.50 weekends - med/surg at small community hospital (three 12's on nights)

    Original offer for RN position was a lower base but was able to negotiate due to having leadership/management experience in previous career and a non-nursing degree.
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    2013 WA state RN base pay $28.00. $3.50 differential for nights and weekends. Plus $1 more an hour for having your bachelors and another dollar more if you have a specialty certification.
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    Just got hired - new grad dec 2012- 80,000year-NY -LI --- nite shift
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    New Grad Dec 2012. Just hired 18.10 days, $3 for nights, $3 for weekends. Knoxville area. Wow-sad!
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    Dont be too're not making NYC money, but you're also not paying NYC rent.
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    New Grad RN in rural PA
    A large level 1 trauma center with magnet status
    ICU full time nights

    26.70 days; 28.20 nights
    benefits included
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    RN for 1 year. Rehab at LTC. Part time 21.50 base. 1-4 dollars more for evenings and weekends. This is northern Colorado. Just hired for med/ surg unit in hospital @ Cheyenne, Wy. Base 27.31 with 8 and 12 % for nights and weekends.
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    LPN here in the Puget Sound area of Washington. Starting wages were $24/hr as agency in a clinic and $21 in LTC.

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