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  1. JMart83

    Fingerprints for California Nurses

    I've had two jobs offers in the last month from two different health care systems and neither required fingerprinting just standard background checks. Sorry if this is nosey but were marijuana charges really a felony in the early 90's?! My how times have changed. Good luck!
  2. JMart83

    Supplies a new grad ER Nurse should carry

    I also made myself a small, laminated, easy to read reference "book" of the hospital's standardized procedures for ED clinical conditions that I can check (and double and triple check) in case things get muddy that fits right in my pocket. It's basically the hospital's algorithms for clinical conditions in note form so I can get in the groove of knowing what to anticipate in terms of diagnostics, labs, complaint-specific interventions, etc.
  3. JMart83

    Supplies a new grad ER Nurse should carry

    This is a good list! I have a couple RN badge cards so I can quickly reference conversions, lab values, peds VS for various ages, etc. that have been very helpful to me as a new grad in the ED. They're $1.99 or so on ebay or amazon.
  4. JMart83

    What are your textbooks like??

    We use a mix of books specifically for NPs and medical textbooks. They're definitely more in depth than any sort of text I used at the same university in undergrad.
  5. JMart83

    What's Your Best Nursing Ghost Story?

    Love this thread! I have a few stories, none nursing related so far, but I can't resist sharing. I'll post them intermittently. This one isn't mine, but its my favorite. My best friend's family is very devout Catholic. Her mother "Pat" is a very level-headed woman, has no flair for the dramatic, is just an all around straight shooter so I don't think she would make this up. In the summer of 1980 she had given birth to her fourth son. Although she had three other children, this baby was the first child of her second husband's. Her new husband was very excited to take on the father role of his newly blended family, but the birth of his own blood heir brought him some sadness. His mother, who he had been extremely close to, had recently passed away after a long battle with the after effects of a stroke, before she had a chance to meet her daughter-in-law or new grandchildren. At the time, it was something that he really struggled with and Pat said her new husband's sadness was often palpable. One night, long after everyone else in the home had gone to bed, Pat heard the baby making a fuss and got up to nurse him in his room. After she was done feeding him and he had drifted off to sleep, Pat laid him in the crib and sat back down in the rocker instead of going back to bed. Pat was just sitting there rocking and looking at the crib when all of a sudden the entire right side of her body went numb and then became paralyzed. She sat in the chair for several minutes, unable to call out, trying to will the right side of body to move to no avail, panicked. Then, for reasons unknownst to her, Pat felt this overwhelming sense of calm and then a strong urge to grab the baby. So she struggled out of the rocker and dragged herself across the floor to the crib using only her left side. Pat was eventually able to grab the baby out of the crib and lay with him on the floor, holding him in her arms, rocking him while he slept. This went on for the next couple of hours. Pat says during this time she was completely lucid and calm but had no control over her voice or body, so she just stayed in her own head at peace and prayed. Eventually Pat drifted off to sleep and woke up the next morning able to move and speak again, on the floor with the baby. Once she gathered herself, Pat woke her husband to tell him what had just happened and he was moved to tears. He explained to Pat that it must have been his mother visiting them, wanting to spend time with his first biological son, her grandchild. Prior to this, Pat had heard many stories about the woman who would have been her mother-in-law and knew she had passed because of a stroke, but she hadn't known until that morning that her mother-in-law had been paralyzed on her right side while she was alive. To this day, Pat just glows when she shares this story. She feels blessed that she got to "meet" her mother-in-law and could be the vessel that allowed her mother-in-law to "meet" her first grandchild as well.
  6. JMart83

    White Memorial- RN New Grad 2013

    I did my preceptorship at White and on my floor there was a mix of BSN and ADN new grads mostly from APU or Rio Hondo. Everyone was super supportive of the new grads and even me (even though I was just a random nursing student @ the time ). The new grads mostly worked nights and the expectations of them were very reasonable. They were all very bright and the vast majority of them I interacted with would not have stuck out to me as "new nurses" because they were confident. All in all White is an amazing place to start out at because they are really invested in helping their new grads build a solid footing. Good luck to everyone hope we hear something soon!
  7. JMart83

    White Memorial- RN New Grad 2013

    They have a pay differential for nights at White, but not for weekends if that puts anything into perspective for you. Good luck!