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  1. Was my professor out of line?

    I went through nursing school with a 3 year old (turned 5 by graduation) and a husband. There were many times my child was sick, had baseball games, school functions, Etc and I had to miss for nursing school or to study. I pulled numerous all nighter...
  2. I graduated in 2013 and ATI was a part of our program including having to pass the final exam to graduate. It was nothing like the NCLEX and I don't think prepares you at all. It was more memorization than critical thinking. The nclex is nothing but ...
  3. Agency nurse

    Anyone have info?
  4. Agency nurse

    I am looking into agency nursing. I've been an ER nurse for 2 years at a busy level 1 trauma hospital. I do not want to do travel nursing as I have a family. I do however want to pick my scheduled days, maybe make more money, and not work as many wee...
  5. Job to have more family time

    Thank you for the info!
  6. Job to have more family time

    I currently work 7 12s (full time) every 14 days. Although I love my job and would be sad to leave, I am wanting to find a RN job that would be more family friendly. I've been told to look into GI/endo, PACU, or clinic nursing. I work ER now and am w...
  7. Help! I start tomorrow!

    You'll do great! I've been in the ER for 9 months now as a new grad. It's a new experience every day but at the end of each day I go home saying I love it. You'll be amazed at what you learn after 4-6 months and the experience you will gain! Never be...
  8. which position would be best??

    I wouldn't even worry about the pregnant part in my opinion. You're going to be busy in both with critical patients in both. There's a lot of running around in the ED vs the NICU if it's an open concept unit. With the ed you are more likely to come i...
  9. being a pregnant nurse in the ED?

    We have several nurses who are pregnant. They work in all the areas...triage, shock trauma, medical, minor, and hold over. One was put on light duty and she went to triage during her shifts. I think it just depends on the person. Most women work thro...
  10. Happy er nurses week

    We got shirts to wear at work this week :-) we also get a party on each shift with food and cake to celebrate our awesomeness
  11. How long did it take you to master inserting an IV?

    When I first started the AC was easiest for me. Then I started moving down to the forearm area. Now I've gotten where I can do the hands. Those are tough because they a re so superficial. I would blow them at first because I would go in too deep. Now...
  12. Walk me through your ER

    Level 1 trauma center. We get everything from medication refills to sore throats to abdominal pain to GSWs. We have a lot of traumas come in like MVCs 40+ mph, GSWs, stabbings, boating accidents, and assaults. On a typical day in medical you'll see c...
  13. How long did it take you to master inserting an IV?

    Just do lots and lots of IV starts! I've been in the ER for about 3 1/2 months and I'm getting 9/10 starts now and even having success on hard sticks like those who are chronic dz or former IV drug users. The more you do the more success!
  14. Blood cultures

    How does your hospital or unit collect blood cultures? I'm looking for policy and procedure or step by step instructions. Our hospital lacks these and I'm thinking of taking on a project for this. Thanks
  15. ED specific supply costs

    I work in a level 1 trauma ED. We have disposable/recycle Bp cuffs and pulse ox probes. We also have an omni cell where we charge supplies to the patient directly. This is done for pretty much everything.