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  1. ICURNAsh

    Dress shoes for hospital

    Hey all, I am a nurse practitioner who rounds on hospital patients in the morning and does home visits in the afternoons. I wear dress clothes and add the traditional white lab coat when I'm at the hospital. I'm struggling with what shoes to wear though. I need shoes that are dressy enough to match my attire but that are also appropriate to wear in the hospital from a patient care standpoint (even though I dont do any direct patient care at this point, just a quick assessment with lots of family meetings and care coordination). Any great suggestions?? Anyone else wearing dress clothes in the hospital and have any stylish but appropriate shoes they love?
  2. ICURNAsh

    Apea 3p exam

    I have the apea 3p exam coming up in a couple weeks. Anyone have an awesome study tips or guides to prepare for this exam?
  3. ICURNAsh

    Nursing Job Interview Stories

    I was still in nursing school, about 2 months from graduating, and interviewed in the ICU where'd I had clinicals. I couldn't have possibly been more nervous but it was a breeze. My boss knew that as a new nurse I would not have experience so my interview was almost exclusively just getting to know one another. My boss worked really hard to ensure our staff is a cohesive group who get along well and whose personalities compliment each other. Skills can be taught and experience will come. I'm so grateful this is the way she hired because we truly are a team and we all work so well together. I absolutely love everyone I work with. No one ever has to ask for help, it's automatic that our whole team will be there, pitching in with whatever needs to be done. I love my work family and I definitely think we have our boss to thank for putting us all together.
  4. ICURNAsh

    4540, who is in

    I'm in! 4540 starting today. Then 4570, then 4530. Here's hoping 4540 isn't too bad :-) It's only my second class in the program. I took 4510 the last of summer. Wasn't awful work wise but very time consuming
  5. ICURNAsh

    What color scrubs do you wear?

    We are colored coded by job. Nurses wear navy blue, techs royal blue, lab maroon, radiology brown, respiratory black, pharmacy hunter green. Many patients have commented on how much they like it cause it's easier for them to identify staff.
  6. ICURNAsh

    Has anyone done the ATI online with tutor? And passed?

    I had to do the live ati with the tutor as part of my school's graduation requirements and I hated it! Not sure what part of the country you're in but I took a local review with Mark Klimek (google him) and it was incredible! I can't recommend him enough. Not only did I pass boards on my first try in a big part thanks to that review but I still use his memory tricks at work.
  7. ICURNAsh

    Your Starting Salary?

    Central Ohio here... New grad...21.65/hr +3.25 for nights +2.50 for weekends.
  8. ICURNAsh

    Calling all new grads/new to the ICU starting Feb. 2013!!!!

    Hey all. I just stumbled on this thread and wanted to jump in. I graduated from an ADN program in December and already had an offer for ICU night shift. I passed boards at the end of January and started my classroom orientation on Feb 4th. I finished the classroom part and am now starting my 12 week on the floor orientation. Weds was my first night shift on the floor and I LOVED it. My preceptor is great and I know I'll learn so much from him. I love the unit and all the night staff. I was really nervous going into my first floor shift but it was great. I'm certainly still a healthy amount of nervous since I have so much to learn but I know I'm working in a great place and I should have a great experience! :-)
  9. ICURNAsh

    Has anyone tried the new Dansko XP?

    I just bought my first pair of Danskos and I picked the XPs. I spent a long time walking around the store (hell I walked around the entire mall! lol) in both the pros and the XPs. I personally found the XPs to be much more comfortable, I definitely preferred the softer insole. I tried to break them in in small amounts last week and wore them for my first shift on the floor on weds night. I brought extra tennis shoes in case I couldn't make it through the night in the danskos but I loved them. I started to have a little pain around 4-5am but nothing crazy and my feet felt great when I got home and got them off. Usually, once my feet start to hurt they continue to ache even after taking off my shoes and rubbing my feet. I think I was just suffering from a little pressure from the XPs because it was gone immediately after taking them off. Hopefully a few more wears will stretch the area that's hurting me, if not I'll take them to a shoe store to have that little spot stretched out (it's by the outside of my pinkie toe). Overall I would definitely recommend the XPs. I think they are great! :-)
  10. ICURNAsh

    Took my NCLEX yesterday..still no number on BON website!

    I'm sure yours has already shown up but just for people reading this in the future... Mine took about 30 hours to show up after my test. I took it at 8am on a Tuesday and my license number showed up on the BON about 3pm the next day. This was the case for most everyone in my class. Results started posting about 2pm the day after testing and posted in alphabetical order. So friends that tested the same day and time as me knew about an hour before me since my name is toward the middle of the alphabet :-) Hope this helps :-)

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