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  1. evieinco

    Salary talk

    Quick update, Banner Health offered 33 hr base, with 4 dollar diff for noc, and 2 dollar diff for weekends. This is a float pool position (travel between 3 hospitals), full time, benefited as well. Just throwing that out there. Thanks for the updated input.
  2. evieinco

    New Grad jobs in Denver, CO?

    It's quite saturated here with new grads, we have a lot of nursing schools, but there are snf's that hire new grads easily. There are new grad residency programs in the hospitals, but again the competition is high. Good luck.
  3. evieinco

    Salary talk

    I'd be curious as to an update. I was at UCHealth for 3 yrs, left last May '17, was making 28.10 hr base at that time. Went to MS,planned to stay, but d/t a family emergency had to come back to CO a few weeks ago. I'm currently job hunting... I talked pay with Healthone facility for super float pool (fulltime, benefited), I was told 36.75 hr for days, 40.75 hr for nights, extra dollar for weekends. I also talked with HCA for their C.A.R.E. float program (PRN position) that they are starting up, was told mid 40's an hr to start. I have an interview with Banner and UCHealth in the next couple of days, wonder what they pay scale will be like with them. Anyway, I have 5.5 yr experience, med/surg, MSN/MBA, so I don't know if that all makes a difference.
  4. evieinco

    Questions about RN pay in CO

    I do per diem work (my 2nd job) for Banner Staffing Registry. I work in northern Colorado, either at the hospital in Loveland or Greeley. It's $34 hr., no guarantee of shifts (4 shifts per month minimum to stay with them), but you do get call back pay if they call you in and shift differentials. You can also do travel work with them, as they have hospitals in several different states.
  5. evieinco

    Northern CO LTACH

    I have a friend who currently works there (PRN), she likes it. I have another friend who was there for maybe a month. The pay and benefits were not to her liking, so she quit. I had an interview there, but after waiting for 30 minutes for the person to come out, I left. Yeah, I did tell someone I was there, then the receptionist disappeared, I don't know if she went to lunch, but no one ever came back out. I asked my friends who worked there about it, and they both said it can be kind of flakey.
  6. evieinco

    CO salary, has it changed at all over the years?

    Not sure, but I had a friend leave Cheyenne(commute from foco) to go work for MCR a few months ago and took a $3.00 hr cut in pay. She had about 14/16 months of nursing experience. I guess the difference would be made up in gas and car expenses. I'm going to say, new grads probably start around $22 or $23 hr.
  7. evieinco

    CCConline for prereqs

    I bought the microscope when I bought the labpaq. I think it was an extra $150 or so, in addition to the lab paq.
  8. evieinco

    CCConline for prereqs

    I took classes through CCConline as well. I took Micro, Patho, Chemistry and a couple of other gen courses. I didn't have a problem with the online science classes. I felt the labs were appropriate and learned quite a bit. It does require more time and you do have to make sure you do your labs early as some require several days to complete. I have 9 kids, but I have older teens to watch the little ones. As for the microscope, I bought mine. I have loaned mine out to my coworkers who are now doing rn to bsn programs.
  9. evieinco

    Why am i not getting a call back? it is my resume??

    You need short, concise, and to the point resume. (Use bullet points) It needs to be a "flash" of who you are and what skills you can provide all on one page. Rewrite with "key" words, like effective, demonstrated, implement, proficient, etc. I would use a summary of qualifications instead of an objective. Next, I would list key skills, education/certifications, clinical experience, and then work experience. Get rid of the paragraph with all of the I statements. Again, it's too much to read. Just list the facility and unit. Year is not necessary. Your graduation date is on the resume, that is enough. * ID ALL GUESTS * LEARNED TO ANTICIPATE CLIENT'S NEEDS AND REQUESTS OF SERVICE * WORK WITH STAFF AS A TEAM PLAYER AND ACCOMPLISH ALL TASKS * RESOLVED CONFLICTS OBJECTIVELY AMONG COWORKERS AND CUSTOMERS * LEARNED EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION WITH MANAGEMENT Changes: ]Provide customer focused interaction. Identification of clients' per organizational policy. Anticipate client needs and meet requests for service. Demonstrated effective communication with management and collaborative staff. Implement problem solving ability in conflict situations. Example for skills section: Strong ability to adapt to a new environment Able to organize, prioritize and remain calm under pressure Maintain patient and family focused care Proficient in P.C. and Microsoft Office Suite Example of summary of qualifications: This is actually mine from 2 yrs ago- Over 10 years experience in customer service, with demonstrated client oriented focus and assistance. Skilled in effective problem solving and decision making, interpersonal communication, and working within a team environment. A compassionate and nurturing caregiver. Good luck!!
  10. evieinco

    How to not give up on your dream RN career

    Congrats on the job!! I'm still waiting for my turn! Someday I hope!
  11. evieinco

    Colorado New Grads- Do you have jobs?

    I really like CRMC. I don't mind the drive unless it snows, but the hospital will put you up if the highway closes and you have to work the next day. I always keep an overnight bag and extra scrubs in my car. It would be worth a shot to apply to CRMC new grad program. As far at FTC, the hospitals are hard to get into up here, must have experience and it's very competitive. LTC's (where I started) seem to be hiring new grads, check Columbine Health, Good Samaritan Society, or Sava. Good luck!
  12. evieinco

    CO salary, has it changed at all over the years?

    I think it's still about the same. 2 yrs ago I started PRN at Good Samaritan Society, $25 hr. I know the full/part timers had a base of $22 hr over there. Not sure what the hospitals up in N. Co are paying, but I know a friend who went from Cheyenne to Banner (Loveland) and had to fight to keep his rate of pay (had to work nights). Wyoming hospitals do have better pay... A year ago I started at a base of $27.31 hr (with 1 yr RN experience), 8% of base for 2nd shift, 12% of base for 3rd shift, and $2 extra for weekends. Just got a cost of living increase 2 months ago, so now my base is $27.86. I think the new grads start at $25 hr...but not for sure.
  13. evieinco

    How are new grads doing out there?

    If you aren't opposed to going up to Cheyenne, WY, the hospital there has their new grad residency open right now. Job Search Cheyenne Regional Medical Center | Cheyenne Regional Medical Center - We are more than 175 physicians, 1,700 employees and 400 volunteers, all dedicated to exceptional patient care and outstanding patient satisfaction. We are Cheyenne Regi click on nursing then scroll until you see the nurse residency position. I'm not sure how many new grads they will take but thought I'd throw it out there. I live in Ft. Collins and drive to Cheyenne. I graduated Dec. '11, did a year in LTC/Rehab, before I was offered a position at CRMC. I've been there almost a year now. I have a coworker that commutes from Lafayette and there are a bunch of us from Ft Collins that commute. Maybe move north for awhile?
  14. evieinco

    Colorado New Grads- Do you have jobs?

    I graduated 2 yrs ago in Dec. Got my first job in Feb.'12, LTC/rehab facility, where I worked for a year, before landing in my current place of work, general surgical unit at Cheyenne Regional Medical Center. This January will make a year I've been commuting to WY (from Ft. Collins). Gotta do whatcha gotta do.
  15. evieinco

    How to not give up on your dream RN career

    I can commiserate with you. I'm in med/surg too, trying to get into mom/baby. I had an interview but was pass over for someone who transferred from another hospital. I'm just plugging away. Hoping someday it will work out, but it's frustrating and disappointing at the same time. I plan to further my education and become a CNM/WHNP, for which I'm applying for Fall 2014, but still,I would like to be "in the mix" before then.