**POLL** New 1st Year RN Salary - page 16

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Hello all, I am curious to see what the current pay rate is across the country so we can better prepare ourselves and negotiate better salaries! Please try to keep this poll to any graduates after 2010. Thanks! 1) State 2)... Read More

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    Quote from flyersfan88
    ....anyone else feeling incredibly sad and broke after seeing their check after taxes? LOL part of me wonders why I didn't just stay waiting tables.
    job stability, career development vs fast cash.
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    $22.05/hour including shift differential

    BSN new grad

    Have been an RN for 8 months (Jan 2014)

    Mother-Baby Unit
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    New Grad:
    $42 including $2.75 for shift differential
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    1. Florida
    2. 22.25 with $6 night differential. No weekend diff : (
    3. One year of experience as an RN
    4. Med/Surg