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  1. KellyRN2013

    Why are my danskos killing my arch?

    don't forget that Dankso's have a wooden sole so if you have a high arch it may hurt your foot. the reason being is because danskos don't allow your foot to do its normal motion, hints why you normally need a larger size for them to be comfortable, so with a regular shoe the soles will "mold" to your foot as you walk and allow the normal heel to toe motion. with danskos, since the sole is wooden, it doesn't work that way which can lead to problems with your feet. This is the reason some people can't wear danskos unfortunately. Once you break them in and your feet usually get used to them & you may not have a problem with them.
  2. KellyRN2013

    So 39 weeks is the full term cut off now?

    39 weeks is now considered full term. I worked OBGYN for 5 years and back in 2011 our hospitals would not let any physician schedule an elective induction or C-Section until 39 weeks. Apparently there were studies done and majority of the infants lungs still were not all the way mature at 37 and 38 weeks.
  3. KellyRN2013

    interview good or bad?

    It can go either way! I am a DON and sometimes we do already have other interviews set up that have to be completed. There's also a flip side that if we really need to think about the candidate for the position then a timeline will be given but it can go either way! Don't be too hard on yourself :)
  4. Good evening! I am interviewing for a CTL position in a very busy Ortho Clinic at our local teaching hospital. I was wondering if someone could paint the picture of what a CTL does on a day to day basis? I currently practice as a Director of Nursing and I am just curious to see how similar the jobs are. Also, what is the starting pay for a CTL in your area? Thank you! Any feedback is appreciated :) I hope you have a wonderful week!
  5. KellyRN2013

    ADN in NY

    Go for your ADN! you can always bridge to BSN or even Master's. I am currently in my master's program and yes you are correct that undergraduate loans ONLY have a lifetime amount of 35000.00 and graduate loans up to 135000.00 I have almost hit my 35 in undergrad but thankfully now I am in my grad classes! It can be done. I don't know about NY but in VA if you already have a Bachelor's then they will consider you for jobs. Also, I know people are saying "There is no nursing shortage" and that "you will always be a bedside nurse" but this is NOT true!!!! There is so much you can do with a nursing degree. you can be a bedside nurse, teacher, you can be in management, Administrator, CEO, CNO, CFO, Director of admissions, DON, you can work for a lawyer, be a nurse consultant, do private duty, work for insurance companies, start your own business, and the list goes on and on! I think that is what is so rewarding about being a nurse is because there are so many opportunities and it's not all bed side nursing! Don't do your LPN it's just a waste of time in my opinion. I was a LPN for 6 years before I obtained my RN and I have been a RN for 2 years now and I felt like the experience was wonderful but there wasn't a way to further my career as an LPN and I wasted $20000.00 on that degree when I could have put it towards my RN. Go all the way to the top! You can do it!!! Even if you have to take out loans its ok! Many colleges and places have opportunities where you can work off your loans rather than paying them back and there are TONS of scholarships out there! I mean you can get a scholarship for being left handed, having a dog, having blue eyes, etc! There are tons of ways around loans so do not get discouraged and don't let money stand in the way of your dream! Just go for it and I promise you won't regret it!!!
  6. KellyRN2013

    Mispronunciations that drive you nuts

    YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS PhenerGRIN is my biggest pet peeve lol I'm like do you see an "R" in GAN lol Drives me nuts lol
  7. KellyRN2013

    Associate Degree Rn?

    Jay jay I am in southwest VA. They hire adns you just have to start a BSN program within 2 years of hire and complete it within 5 years from your hire date but they don't hire any LPNs
  8. KellyRN2013

    I got wait listed at #1

    I am not sure about this specific college but you have a really good chance of getting in being that you are #1 on the wait list. I have had friends who were #6 or 7 and got into the program. Good luck to you! I know how it is to have to pay for schooling so I would be patient.
  9. KellyRN2013

    Questions!!! Help me please...?

    I agree with the other post. Talk to someone directly from the school. You can take the pre-requisites at a community college. We had a lady who worked in our health science department that would sit down with students who were interested in the nursing program and actually make a schedule for you in regards to which semester you needed to take certain pre reqs. She also could answer all questions for you. She was not a guidance counselor but she was specific to the health sciences field. I would contact the college and ask if they have someone you can come in and talk to. I have found that a lot of times guidance counselors have a very broad range and they are not program specific. Good luck to you :) I also know that when I applied for the nursing program they took my high school transcript and looked at my pre-req grades for the application process but that's not all. We also had to have recommendations and we had to take the Health Occupational Basic Entrance Test. All of this was tabulated and reviewed by a committee who then decided if you were accepted to the nursing program or not.
  10. KellyRN2013

    Passed with 122 questions on second try!! Read me!

    The best book I studied with was the NCLEX RN Exam Cram! I learned more from that book than I ever did in school! Good job to you for passing the NCLEX!
  11. KellyRN2013

    Associate Degree Rn?

    VANurse2010 you are correct. the HCA hospitals here do require that you start a BSN program within 2 years of your hire date and you must complete it within 5 years! I believe a lot more hospitals will be going to this within the next few years :)
  12. KellyRN2013

    Pharmaceutical reps in the clinic

    Oh wow! that is way outside of their boundaries. How did they get the patient information in the first place? I think that is way past a HIPAA violation because the patient may not want this rep to know that he sees a certain doctor. I would be livid! They are NOT allowed to touch any patient records because that violates HIPAA and if a staff member gave the rep the patient's name and number then that is a huge HIPAA violation! Also, the speaker does get paid for doing the lectures but I have always enjoyed those wonderful dinners and lectures :)
  13. KellyRN2013

    How do you get over the fear?

    I completely understand your concerns. I live in the mountains of VA and barely have cell reception anywhere on the mountains. Sometimes I went so far up in the woods that I didn't even think there would be a house back there. Sometimes you end up in places that feel creepy. I know you are scared about getting into a scary situation but just think of it like this. You are going into the home to help these people because of an illness, etc. They are thankful that you are there to help them and most likely wouldn't think of hurting you. I had to accept this concept working as a home health nurse as well. You should have a case load weekly and see these same people unless you have a new admission or something like that. They will get to know you and many of them even become like your family! I carried mace on my key ring when I worked in home health. I also kept bottled water, blankets, and a first aid kit in my car at all times and also some nonperishable food items like crackers, fruit snacks, etc. You should be fine! If you ever get to a point where you don't feel safe it is okay to leave the home. If you pull up to a home and something doesn't feel right then it is okay not to enter. It is up to your discretion. My home health boss was always so understanding and if ever I did not feel comfortable I was not forced to go into the home. There were some homes were they had convicted felons and stuff like that and I would always have to call my office or text and let my manager know when I was headed to the home and she would call me back in an hour or I would call her if I finished the visit before then to let her know I made it out safely and I was headed back down the mountain. Now I will tell you the felon I had would not have harmed a flea probably and he was much older now and did something in his younger days and talked openly about it so It wasn't a scary scary situation. You will be fine! Just always have a backup plan and make sure you carry on your what makes you feel safe.
  14. KellyRN2013

    Cover letter guidance needed

    attached is an example of my cover letter that I use and just change out the name of the company and position, etc. Also, make sure you use KEY words that are used in the description for the job. Like if it says "we are looking for a detail-oriented individual that is eager to learn" then make sure you put the key words of Detail oriented and Eager to learn within your cover letter. Also let them know that you can work in a multi-faceted environment. In response to you advertisement on jobs.roanoke.com, I am writing to apply for the position of **************. I recently obtained my Registered Nurse License, but I have been a Licensed Practical Nurse for six years. I am a detail-oriented individual that is compassionate and ready for a challenge. I possess all my knowledge in the work place and provide the best care and support for my patients and their family. My supervisors have indicated that I have excellent skills in nursing, I'm eager to learn, able to multi task in a high faceted environment, and I am a very quick learner. I have proficient computer skills that I use every day on our electronic medical records system. As my resume indicates, through my coursework and work experience I have acquired skills in an independent working environment. Being an advocate for my patient is very important to me as a nurse. My experience as a Home Healthcare nurse has prepared me well for this field. I feel that I would be a great asset to your nursing team. For your considerations, I have enclosed my resume that details my education, skills, work experience, and certifications. Please call me at **Phone Numbers** or email me at **email** to set up a time to further discuss how my abilities would be of benefit to your company. Thank you for your consideration of my application and I hope to hear from you soon.
  15. KellyRN2013

    New grad job search (VA)

    I am in Virginia too. Which part are you located in? I may be able to help you find a place to work. The healthcare industry is different in all parts of VA so knowing where you are located is important. If you are in northern VA finding a nursing job is very competitive. Mainly you must have a BSN and if you don't have much experience then you need to look into a nursing residency program or even apply for a LPN position. If you are in southern part of VA like near Richmond, Charlottesville, Lynchburg, Roanoke, Ft. Lee, Colonial heights, chester area then finding a job should be know problem. Let me know so I can direct you to a hospital that may be able to help you! Good luck to you :)
  16. KellyRN2013

    Who's responsibility is it.........

    This question is asked a lot! I work as a DON in an assisted living facility so I completely understand what you are talking about. Does your facility have a wander guard system? If so, I would go talk to your DON or administrator about that for the safety of the residents. I would also document EVERYTHING as the others have said. you need to cover your butt so that if something did happen to this resident then they would know that the situation has been addressed many times with no changes in the outcome. Everytime the resident tries to wander outside the chart it, everytime the resident actually escapes the building then chart it, everytime the resident becomes combative then chart it. I would also call the MD to make the MD aware and make sure you chart that well with every detail. The MD will write orders for a screening for long term care if you keep calling them about issues with the residents. Also, if you address that she is a safety risk for the facility the docs will usually jump on that immediately. I would also call the family everytime the resident does anything in regards to the topics listed above. If the DON, administrator, family, or MD Will NOT do anything then I would call APS. You just have to make sure everything is documented well and thoroughly. Also, if you are not allowed to call the MD or family then report it to your charge nurse and document it each time that you reported the situation to the charge nurse. I have had some resident's like this as well. I am not sure which state you are in but In VA the acquity of residents in AL now are very high! They stay in AL until they meet nursing home criteria and the highest level in our facility the resident's need help with bathing, dressing, incontinence, we take them to and from the dining room and we also feed some of them. That is our level 4 before transfer to the nursing home. I am sorry you are going through this but I completely understand because I have been through it as well. You need to document and notify the family each time so that your license is not on the line and it shows that you followed your chain of command. I hope you get somewhere with this in your facility and encourage other nurses to document what happens on their shifts as well so that it doesn't look like its just one nurse documenting. Please let me know if you need help with anything!

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