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by hair303

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Hello all, I am curious to see what the current pay rate is across the country so we can better prepare ourselves and negotiate better salaries! Please try to keep this poll to any graduates after 2010. Thanks! 1) State 2)... Read More

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    1) State Georgia
    2) Hourly Salary $23.68 base pay/no exp
    3) Experience, if any none
    4) Specialty, if any cardiac telemetry step down
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    1. Central Texas
    2. $27.42/hr (base pay)
    Diff: +2.25/hr from 1500-2300, $3.25/hr from 2301-0700, and $2.00/hr for weekends)
    3. 9+ years as a patient care tech. Graduated with my ADN May 2014
    4. Telemetry

    Disclaimer: my starting salary is based on my years of service as a tech. I work as an RN at the same faculty I worked as a tech. New GNs (ADN or BSN) are started at less then $25/hr for the three acute care facilities in my area, each facility is off by only a few cents.
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    New Grad (Worked as a Millieu Therapist in the same hospital system but at a psych hospital for 2 years)
    Heme/Onc - Leukemia Service.