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  1. btab3

    New grad ER nurse

    I just finished up my first year in the ER after a residency. The main thing that I can think that will be helpful is to try and be open minded and humble as possible. In my experience there is a bit of an initiation to see if you can make the cut. When you get criticism, take it, learn from it and become better. I have made mistakes that I learned from to become a better nurse. If you have questions or are unsure about how to do something, ask, and if you still don't know ask again. Be a hands on person and a go getter. Show them you want to be part of the team and that you can be relied upon. Good luck! You have chosen a great speciality area!
  2. btab3

    January 2015 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    Sneezing with C-Diff is contraindicated.
  3. btab3

    Any suggestions on shoes???

    Nike AirMax
  4. I did an accelerated program. I would recommend an associates degree first. two reasons. first is that I think you will come out better with skills. accelerated courses pack in your clinical rotations. second is that typically hospitals will pay for your BSN. good luck either way! nursing is a great career!
  5. btab3

    Hard time finding a job in DFW area.

    I would apply to programs that have internships. That just means that they are willing to train you. I know in HCA they give you a 12-16 week trial and after the internship they usually offer to sign you on as staff. I have heard that Baylor's interns are already hired on as staff. But that's my advice! Usually internships are offered bi-annually. Good luck!
  6. btab3

    Any Jewish nurses?

    men have to eat inside the sukkah. women are not obligated to the same extent.
  7. btab3

    moving to Texas from non compact state

    I did it. Got my license pretty quick. I think the whole process took me about a month. What's with the delay with the fingerprints?
  8. btab3

    Hate med/surg is ED any different?

    haha. Lost 20 lbs my first 4 months in the ER :) I am shriveling away...save me 😳
  9. btab3

    Did anyone got 265 and passed?

    1.5 days waiting is not fun. sorry.
  10. btab3

    Did anyone got 265 and passed?

    I don't think them being on gold has anything to do with pass or fail. Mine were on hold and I had to wait to try the trick until after the hold was lifted. Holds are generally done when they are reviewing information about your test or information about your test situation.