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  1. JLM817

    medsurg nurse needing advice

    I have been in your place, I worked medsurg/psych for about a year before I got hired into a level IV NICU. I DON'T REGRET LEAVING MEDSURG ONE BIT! I believe it was pure luck that I got hired for NICU. My hospital is known to hire alot of new grads, so I believe it was just great timing for me. I encourage you to keep applying and introduce yourself to the nicu manager in your hospital and tell her how much your interested in transferring to nicu. Don't give up! I love my unit and I love my job...i finally feel my hard work is for a great cause and it's very rewarding.
  2. JLM817

    Harbor-UCLA (LA County) RN/Relief 2014

    I work for harbor ucla, it's going great.. if you haven't received any answer in regards to your test I would suggest calling to follow up
  3. JLM817

    Harbor-UCLA (LA County) RN/Relief 2014

    My Results came back within 2 weeks
  4. It depends on the need for hire. The posting for this position was up for about 4 months until it closed.i recently got hired from la county. I waited a year until they reopened the posting for this position.
  5. JLM817

    Relief Nurse Los Angeles County

    Fizah, I applied on June 1st, received an email to take the assessment test on July 11, interviewed with county August 18 and received an offer. Hope this helps
  6. JLM817

    LAC+USC interview new grad RN

    Hi katy0810, Have you started working for county? If you have, can you tell me how it is going? Did you ever find out if your position will eventually go full time? ☺
  7. JLM817

    Los angeles county rn i/relief nurse 2014

    The current full time position is in a medical surgical floor, the job does have more of its cons than pros but it's still a job. The offer that I got from county is to work in the NICU, I would have 5-6 months training but no benefits. 😕
  8. Congratulations to all of the nurses who have been hired to LA County as a RN level I or Relief Nurse. I recently got hired (MONDAY 8/18) with Harbor UCLA for relief nurse position. I was wondering if anyone can give me their take on how this position will proceed? The nurse recruiter was not able to specify how many hours this position would entail and she also could not guarantee me a spot for full time except she stated, "After six months to a year, we could possibly offer you a position for full time.":bored: Any new hires out there were told differently or any further things I should know before I continue with this job offer??? I currently have a full time position with my local small hospital, but the thought of working for a big organization like county would not be an offer for me to throw away. PLEASE HELP:(
  9. JLM817

    Night Shift Question

    It takes time getting used to the time change, me personally... caffeine was and is my best friend😉. The first couple of shifts will be hard, but you will get used to it after a while. On the days off I usually catch up on sleep the first day off and after that I sleep regularly through the night. But I know a lot of my coworkers have trouble getting back to their normal sleep pattern, but unfortunately we will never have a normal sleep pattern because we do nightshift😊. Some tips to help go to sleep is invest on dark curtains, earplugs, benadryl(if u really can't sleep), and a warm bath before bed. Goodluck!😄
  10. JLM817

    Harbor-UCLA (LA County) RN/Relief 2014

    Hi love1211you, I sent u a message, did u receive it?
  11. JLM817

    LA county Relief nurse 2013

    I also just accepted a job offer for relief nurse. I did my live scan same day as the interview. Any Relief Nurses that can give me some insight? I was told that even though we don't have benefits the hours are still plenty... can anyone tell me about how many hours you guys do in a week? And how often do you float to other floors?😄 I'd really appreciate all your help😉
  12. JLM817

    Harbor-UCLA (LA County) RN/Relief 2014

    That sounds about similar to what the nurse recruiter had told me. Thanks so much for the info love1211you!!!
  13. JLM817

    Relief Nurse Los Angeles County

    Thanks for the advice katy0810! Appreciate it 😊
  14. Hello all! I wanted to bring up the topic about MLK community hospital re-opening sometime in the beginning of next year. The once well known "killer king" hospital has had a bad reputation of patient safety and was wondering what everyone's opinion is on the reopening of the community hospital in South Los Angeles.😆
  15. JLM817

    [Med/surg] What are top 5 drugs your floor uses?

    Dilaudid, morphine, zofran, protonix, vanco, levaquin, flagyl, tylenol, restoril, ativan, insulin
  16. JLM817

    **POLL** New 1st Year RN Salary

    1.Los Angeles, California 2. 35.00 base pay, 3$ diff. for nights = 38.00 3.ADN- 2 years LVN experience 4.med/surg