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Los angeles county rn i/relief nurse 2014


Congratulations to all of the nurses who have been hired to LA County as a RN level I or Relief Nurse. I recently got hired (MONDAY 8/18) with Harbor UCLA for relief nurse position. I was wondering if anyone can give me their take on how this position will proceed? The nurse recruiter was not able to specify how many hours this position would entail and she also could not guarantee me a spot for full time except she stated, "After six months to a year, we could possibly offer you a position for full time.":bored: Any new hires out there were told differently or any further things I should know before I continue with this job offer??? I currently have a full time position with my local small hospital, but the thought of working for a big organization like county would not be an offer for me to throw away. PLEASE HELP:(

I wouldn't give up a ft job for a position you know so little about/or cannot extrapolate where you will be at in a year. Sounds like you have some experience, just apply to a position that is full time for sure in such big organization.

Was wondering what your thoughts are in regards to working for a big organization that you can't throw away, knowing that you may have the chance to remain non full time at years end?

The current full time position is in a medical surgical floor, the job does have more of its cons than pros but it's still a job. The offer that I got from county is to work in the NICU, I would have 5-6 months training but no benefits. 😕