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afterseason has 1 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in Peds PACU & Peds Psych.

"It is better to have less thunder in the mouth and more lightning in the hand." - Apache

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  1. afterseason

    Help with interview at residential treatment

    Hard to say what type of questions they will ask -- every facility is different. I was not asked psych-specific questions during my interview. Even with my PACU position, while I was asked clinical questions, they were rather broad and, quite frankly, simple to answer. Most places will recognize that you are a new grad and simply do not have certain knowledge and critical thinking abilities that come with experience, but they will expect you to be able to demonstrate basic nursing knowledge. Also, my psych position only pays 50 cents less base rate than the major hospitals here for new grads. When my shift diff is added, plus $1/hr I get for shifts where I am charge nurse, it actually comes out being more than I would get paid in a hospital.
  2. afterseason

    I Love Night Shift

    Couldn't agree more! We just had the state AND corporate come at the same time. They were in every day for almost a week interviewing/quizzing staff, reviewing charts, rummaging through med carts, etc. Thankfully, I dodged it all simply by being a night owl who LOVES working night shift.
  3. afterseason

    Chattahoochee Tech ASN Fall 2015

    Good luck, future nurses! CTC offers a great program.
  4. afterseason

    Can you become a PACU nurse w/o experience

    I started in pediatric PACU (still in it, too). Just depends on the place!
  5. afterseason

    Dating a former patient

    At my facility, there is a 2 year period that must pass before an outside relationship is considered legally okay. However, even then, HR has made it VERY clear that no matter the time-frame, dating a former patient would be HIGHLY frowned upon by the facility. You need to check with your own company policies. That being said, I think this is a bad idea. Unethical, for starters. And as others have said, this girl clearly has other, more important issues to deal with. If you actually care for her, you'll do what's in her best interest.
  6. afterseason

    HELP! Introvert nurse looking into PACU

    I do think PACU is good for introverts. I spend most of my day isolated with just the patient I'm recovering. The only interaction I have as far as families is that I do pre-anesthesia education and consent signing. But that makes up such a small amount of time. I started in PACU as a new grad with no experience at $36/hr (in Georgia).
  7. afterseason

    How to explain reasons for leaving?

    Thanks for everyone's advice. I managed to figure out a few ways to positively explain the situation, and have since replaced it with a better place of employment. :)
  8. afterseason

    Going from Cardiac ICU to PACU

    Sorry, that should have said "what TYPE of surgery." The woes of posting from a phone.
  9. afterseason

    Going from Cardiac ICU to PACU

    I started in an outpatient peds PACU straight out of nursing school. No prior ICU experience, or any nursing experience for that matter. I've been trucking along just fine. What time of surgeries are your patients having? Will they be vented or anything afterward? What type of sedation are they using? These factors play a role in how intensive the experience will be.
  10. afterseason

    Mantra?... Whats yours??...

    "Don't do what you want. Do what you don't want. Do what you've been trained not to want. Do what scares you the most." This helps me a lot when I'm in a situation that feels uncomfortable, stressful, or maybe just downright gross. It's a reminder to myself that I'm pushing my boundaries and, in turn, becoming a stronger person.
  11. afterseason

    What to do about a low ball job offer

    Like others have said, I would take it just for the sake of having it while continuing to look elsewhere. As you said, it requires minimal hours, so you'll have plenty of time to dedicate to continuing your search for what you really want.
  12. afterseason

    I can't believe this just happened!!!

    While it can't hurt to reach out to him for purposes of networking, I agree with others that something about this sounds a bit "off."
  13. afterseason

    Feeling Lonely

    It kind of bums me out seeing all these posts saying "I'm not here to make friends." I gotta say -- it's so much better when you do! My cohort was extremely close. It truly felt like family. We laughed together, cried, spent time together outside of class, etc. It made nursing school easier because we all just kind of held hands and completely submerged ourselves together. We still maintain a group on FB to keep in touch, and we try to get together regularly. While I agree with others that you should prioritize your education over making friends in the class, I don't think you should totally neglect attempting to make friends. Your cohorts are some of the best people to lean on and share the struggles and joys of nursing school with. If you are only in your first semester, I would give it some time. People are still warming up to each other and whatnot. I hope you and your classmates can grow closer and enjoy the same family bond that I was able to experience. Good luck in your endeavors!
  14. afterseason

    Cut my losses or see it through?

    If you have your heart set on being a nurse but find the pacing too much for you, I would try a program that is not accelerated. This allows for more time to absorb the material. If you're uncomfortable with patient care, you may want to try working as a CNA beforehand as a "warm up." I would not immediately say your future as a nurse is finished. I have known others to fail out but then get back on the horse and try again, and they eventually came out as successful nurses. Best of luck to you.
  15. afterseason

    How to get a foot in the door in Peds

    I agree with others who have said to look for alternate routes outside of directly applying to a children's hospital. I currently work for an anesthesia company doing pediatric peri-anesthesia and PACU work at various facilities after the kids have outpatient surgeries. I also work in a peds psych hospital. Just getting peds experience any way possible can help open doors to children's hospitals. Good luck!
  16. afterseason

    Postoperative vital signs frequency

    In my peds PACU we do vitals Q 5 mins x4, then Q 15 mins until they wake. Peds tend to recover pretty quickly, so they're usually awake within 30-45 mins. After a neuro assessment and assured stability, they leave my care.