Nursing School Graduation Gift Ideas

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    My sister is getting ready to graduate from nursing school and since I'm just in pre-nursing not sure what might be a good idea for a gift for her? Any suggestions from those of you who have already finished would be much appreciated! Thank you!

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    A gift card to a medical supply store or Uniform store. I received several at my graduation party and appreciated them very much. This way she can buy some new uniforms, shoes, stethoscope, or whatever she needs.

    I also received several gift certificates to a local salon that does everything from hair and nails to massages. Those were really nice after a few months working...back massages were great!
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    Cash. I am big into giving gift cards these days with a little trinket gift like a book mark. lip gloss, etc. I like to let people buy exactly what they like and it's always nice to have one in your pocket for a little treat.
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    NCLEX review book (if you want to get her something now)
    Updated drug book
    uniform shop GC
    Lots of black pens
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    OOooo I love the gift card for a massage idea! I could go for one of those, school is tough not to mention her first few weeks on the job, sounds perfect!
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    A day at the spa. I am also about to graduate and feel that would be a really nice way to spend a day after graduation.

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    A watch that has at least marks for all of the #'s. Better yet, one with 24 hour markings (ie 1 o'clock has a 1 and 13 by it). Make sure it has a second hand.
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    My best gift: Dakota watch company (in kiosks at malls) sells a watch that clips on to your pocket or collar, 15 second blocks are different colors so it's easier to time drips or breaths per minute.
    It was about $30 I believe, but PRICELESS after I got stool on my watchband one day cleaning up a patient, and no longer wanted to wear a wristwatch.
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    [font='times new roman']new stethoscope with name engraved on it.
    [font='times new roman']
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    A big, roomy lunch cooler with a shoulder strap, and pockets. You might wanna also throw in some of those little freezer ice thingies if you find some that are cute. She'll use it everyday.

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