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Mommy TeleRN has 3 years experience as a RN and specializes in Float.

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  1. Mommy TeleRN

    Nasty email from CNS

    As a new CM abstractor I can tell you we have to report that to all kinds of people lol. Is it possible the MD charted earlier in the stay why no ace/arb? It doesn't HAVE to be written at discharge if it's written anywhere in the chart. He can also update his discharge summary and put it in there. I believe they have 30 days they can update the discharge information.
  2. Mommy TeleRN

    VQI by M2S registry

    Hi all..first let me say I absolutely am loving my new job. Couldn't be a more perfect fit for my Type A OCD personality lol. So far I've been working on Core measures abstraction for AMI, HF and PN. I've already worked with our computer team to get one process change done! And I'm working with one of the cardiologists on another area I've identified to improve care delivery. So.. now I'm about to tackle learning the Vascular Quality Initiatives database. We haven't participated in this before so it's a totally new project. I am attending web based training. I have spoken with one of the vascular surgeons who is super excited and is very supportive of getting this up and going. He is very interested how this could impact his practice based on the research I am doing so I find that really exciting! Anyone here abstracting for this database? Curious how the training was and how it's going.
  3. Mommy TeleRN

    Covenant, UT Med Center or East Tenn Children's?

    I would go with Children's..I've heard good things. I believe UT now does all their peds through Childrens if I recall correctly. Perhaps you could contact a nurse recruiter for more of the details re pay and benefits.
  4. Mommy TeleRN

    What kind of Nurse does administrative work?

    Oh and to answer your actual question: My job will be in performance improvement (doing data management for instance core measures compliance, but that is just part of it) Other things: informatics (does your hospital have a computer charting committee you can join?), case management; educators (for instance doing new hire orientations to hospital, others may need a MSN); You may have a hard time with just one year experience, but use this time to do that networking and get to know people who can help you advance.
  5. Mommy TeleRN

    What kind of Nurse does administrative work?

    Totally agree with HouTX. NETWORK! Join committees, get to know people in other departments. Perhaps a procedural area would be a good next step for you? Not office, but something different anyway. I just landed my first job away from bedside. I will be working in an office 8 hr days, salary, desk, computer. I have to beef up my non-scrubs wardrobe lol and will be doing some serious shoe shopping this weekend for cute heels! AND I didn't even have to take a paycut..something I was for sure would come with leaving bedside. How did I land the job? I made myself a resource. My manager knew it. I have been on committees, applying for certification in my specialty. She has handpicked me for dealing with difficult patients/families, for specialized ICU core float staff, etc over the past few years. When HER boss asked for recommendations for this new position, my name came up and she told me about the position and encouraged me to apply. All the things I've accomplished in the past few years be doing my "extras" were great topics on my resume and in my interview. I was able to show I went above and beyond my basic staff nurse duties. And as a member of the float pool, I don't get raises for these things (all float get the same pay) so it would have been easy for me to just "do my job" because there was no financial incentive for my review. But it has paid off for me in brownie points :)
  6. Mommy TeleRN


    As far as specialization, depends on the hiring practices of your local hospitals. When I graduated, everyone pretty much was on a level playing field. When you got hired after passing NCLEX, you could go into ER, ICU, OR, Med-Surg, Tele, etc and you completed orientation for that specific area. There were internships basically that were 6-9 months long (most hospitals are only 3 months however). Some hospitals, especially now, can be more picky. For instance my current facility is applying for magnet and are only hiring BSN prepared new grads. I think they are being more selective in the specialty areas especially and do not hire new grads into some of them, like CVICU. You must have med-surg experience first. Bottom line, depends on the hospital. As far as vomit, feces - I am the gag QUEEN. But overtime it isn't as bad. I can handle incontinent patients better than dumping a bedside commode for some reason lol. For vomit, try and hold it as far from you as you can and flush quickly. Technically you should measure it though, sometimes I just can't though! Yes you can wear a mask as it's part of personal protection equipment and if someone is vomiting that is a potential exposure. But as was mentioned above, they don't do much for smell. I have been known to tear an alcohol swab to take a whiff of...also baby powder squirted over smelly things helps mask the smell until you can get it dumped. There are areas of nursing with less exposure to these things. If you work more with ambulatory patients who can do their own toileting for instance. Procedural areas have to deal with it less than say med-surg. Med-surg would have to deal with it less than ICU because they have CNAs who do most of the toileting. It was funny a few weeks ago I was working ICU and had a pt that had diarrhea like 6x during my shift. His son was helping me and I noticed him gagging and turning his head away so after that I got another staff member to help me. But for me, I didn't even notice the smell at all! I thought WOW I have finally gotten used to this! lol
  7. Mommy TeleRN

    Please tell me about your role as nurse auditor

    Do you know exactly what you'd be auditing in the charts? I just got a position away from bedside and will start in a couple weeks. My position will be pulling data from charts for core measures and various database registries. I was really worried if the pay would be comparable. I was pleasantly surprised. I have been a nurse 4 years and work float. I would have had to take a big paycut to leave float and work one department. With my new job I will make comparable to what I'd making work day float and I get a little better benefits (mainly paid time off which I don't currently get) If you think you are ready for a change go for it!
  8. Mommy TeleRN

    Is there a slower paced floor to work at in the hospital?

    I think some of it depends on the hospital and how they staff various units. I float and there are some floors that tend to be better staffed and have a 5:1 ratio instead of 6:1 and they are a little easier. Stepdown can be easier depending on how it's set up.. they aren't as sick as ICU usually and you have 3-4 patients. I find ICU a little slower pace than the floor. I have so much more time to spend with each patient and can learn more about them. You have so many nurses around it's easier to get help like pulling up the patient, bathing, toileting and you usually have plenty of RT's and often docs around (esp in a teaching hospital) at night than on the floor. The docs to me seem like they listen better and are generally more helpful in the unit, they tend to know about the patient and what is going on, monitoring their labs and things themselves a little more frequently as the ICU pt requires more frequent changes in the plan of care. My hospital used to have a chest pain center and I really liked that.... you are doing the same type of thing all the time and it's easy to have a routine. Although you'd occ have someone unstable it was pretty easy to get a doc on the scene.
  9. Mommy TeleRN

    Vent!!! So frustrated.

    I would try to focus on your patients. I think it would look bad to go to your 3rd job in less than one year. It doesn't sound likes it's an unsafe working environment, just not your "fit". Keep doing your best and set the example in professionalism. Part of that is staying with a job for more than a few months :)
  10. Mommy TeleRN

    Does this sound possible?

    I don't know anything about school nursing, but you will have to spend a lot of time in the hospital setting for your clinical time in nursing school.
  11. Those back surgery patients usually have a ton of pain! I've only ever seen one that wasn't in bad pain. She was the exception! Often you will have to help them turn because they won't do it independantly, so you have potential for impaired skin integrity (in addition to their incision), potential for infection, and altered elimination due to narcotic usage and decreased mobility. As far as labs, a CBC for sure as others mentioned to assess for bleeding but also to monitor white count. Although in my personal experience, neurosurgeons tend not to order very many labs or diagnostic testing.
  12. Mommy TeleRN

    HELP!! this might as well had been a MED ERROR!!!

    I would just leave it as is for the ones already sent out. Chances are they may not even notice it. If you send corrections you are bringing it to their attention.
  13. Mommy TeleRN

    Moving to an exempt position

    Thanks llg. I was offered the position today. I'm still a little nervous about the whole exempt thing and them running me into the ground lol..but since I already work at the facility I know it's a good place and I think they will do right by me. The time off is extremely generous and the pay is about the same as a full time day float position. Less than what I could make working full time night float but better than if I left float and took say a procedural area job...so all in all I think it's a good move for me.
  14. Mommy TeleRN

    How to know if job interview went well

    After a total of 4 weeks of interviewing..I got the job offer this morning. Have to discuss with hubby but I can't see why I wouldn't accept! I hope you hear back soon..keep us posted!
  15. Mommy TeleRN

    How to know if job interview went well

    I'm very anxiously waiting on interview results too! Within my own facility moving away from bedside. I had the first round, waited two weeks, then told I was selected in the top 3 candidates (and they are hiring TWO positions so that's pretty good odds right?) Had a 2nd interview with a VP and surgeon and am supposed to hear by the end of this week. I'm a nervous wreck (and PMSing too lol..that sure doesn't help) I am working the next 2 nights and can barely go to sleep wondering about everything as this would totally change my daily routines. It also makes me wonder if these 2 shifts could possibly be my last as a bedside nurse....on pins and needles. And wow, you are looking at a cross country move too! double stress girl!
  16. Mommy TeleRN

    Does anyone know the specific roles of a surgery trauma RN?

    Well there is surgical trauma ICU or the trauma floor. As a new grad I would think trauma floor. Trauma ICU is NOT where I'd wanna cut my teeth as a new grad. There are a lot of head injuries with neuro impairment for instance. Often a lot of family issues, many of these injured people were perhaps drunk or high which led to the trauma (not saying ALL..any of us can be involved in a trauma). On the floor it's a lot of passing pain meds. You often deal with confused patients due to the head injuries. It's defintely not an area I enjoy getting anywhere near but everyone has their own flavor of what they like.