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  1. dancing nancy

    Nursing diagnosis help!

    I'm working on a concept map for a patient with leukocytosis. As of the end of my clinical days the doctors had still not concluded what was the cause. Can I still use Risk for Infection if she clearly already has one? There are several other diagnosis that I can use BUT this was her admitting diagnosis so I hesitate to not address it at all....any suggestions?
  2. dancing nancy

    Older Nursing students

    Nope you're not alone! I just started yesterday and I would say our class of about 48 is split close to 50/50 between early 20 somethings and "older" returning students. I'm in my mid thirties and going through with three children and a hubby at home. It's nice to have other "older" students in your class and with a little more life experience I think we'll make excellent nurses! Good for you for going back and not thinking "I'm too old" it's never too late! Good luck in your studies!