New RN, not interested in bedside nursing

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    Hey everyone -

    I recently obtained my RN license but have absolutely no desire to do traditional bedside nursing. I love working with people just not in a hospital setting. What alternatives are there for a BSN - RN prepared nurse with no clinical experience (outside of college clinical rotation experience)? I have heard about insurance companies hiring RNs to review cases, etc...however that sounds incredibly boring. I KNOW there are lesser known jobs other than traditional bedside nursing or pushing paper. Could you all give me some suggestions to look in to?


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    Maybe you could get a job in a doctor's office /clinic? School or community nursing may be something too.
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    With no experience, it's a tad harder to find something as you are up against those with years of experience wanting to move away from bedside.

    Health departments, Jails/Prisons, Outpatient surgery centers, Assisted Living all offer roles for RNs.
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    As a new grad, you're extremely limited. There are many non-bedside nursing jobs but I doubt many employers will hire a nurse without clinical experience, since this is the bread and butter of nursing and without this foundational knowledge makes the rest of your skills less transferable. Employers might also wonder why you got into nursing if you refuse to acquire the valuable experience and exposure that can only be gained with direct patient care.
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    a couple of my classmates started out as case-managers and love it.
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    Bed side nursing is not what every nurse dreams about, and believe me at times I am inclined to agree...However, as a new graduate it can sure help you along the way to a career in nursing you would rather pursue...There are nurses in research...but mostly require an MSN/PhD...does not necessarily require bedside experience, phone triage(good to have some bedside knowledge), case managers that I know DO love their jobs...Health department as previously stated would be a good choice....I believe there is a website called that has just about EVERY career you can go into for nursing...I would give that a try...Good luck with your goals,dreams and ambitions. Nursing is one of those career fields that will take you places you have not even thought of before!
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    Why did you go into nursing? Right now it is very hard to find ANY nursing job. I'm RN, BSN with ACLS PALS graduated in 2008 and I'm still looking. You need 1 year of experience to be able to land a job. Where do you get it? Employers don't care. The strong connections in healthcare industry helped some of my former classmates. Good luck! Hope you'd find what you are looking for.
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    Look into informatics if you like computers!
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    Medical/hospital software development with companies such as Cerner hire nurses. Not sure how extensive your experience must be though....
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    Oupatient Dialysis. It is in a outpatient setting and mainly routine. Occasionally you have to call 911, but for the most part it is routine. Good Luck.

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