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  1. mjohnson8436RN

    New RN, not interested in bedside nursing

    Oupatient Dialysis. It is in a outpatient setting and mainly routine. Occasionally you have to call 911, but for the most part it is routine. Good Luck.
  2. mjohnson8436RN

    Anyone failed nursing school and went back and was successful?

    You can do it. If the program you was in does not allow readmission apply to another program. Just make sure to keep your GPA up. Good Luck!
  3. mjohnson8436RN

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

    the trick is official. It worked for me! Called the VA board of nursing and I have officially passed.
  4. mjohnson8436RN

    How do I apply to a job in Critical Care.

    Try looking for a position on a stepdown uinit or telemetry unit, it will make for a easier time trying to get a ICU position. They usually only have 1 or 2 new grad openings on that unit. But if you have some type of experience it will make for a easier time for you to get your dream position. It will only take a minimum of a year max of 18 mos.
  5. mjohnson8436RN


    Do you have test anxiety before you go in and take the test. We all have it to some degree about a big test but I know for me if I work my self up to much I will not read the question correct. What is main content that was on your test?
  6. mjohnson8436RN

    Application Status?

    You have to wait to get your ATT in the mail or through e-mail through pearson vue. Then you can register. Rember to study and GOOD LUCK!
  7. mjohnson8436RN

    Affording the living while in school.

    Live in virginia it is the cheapest. Try woodbidge. Anywhere within the beltway will cost you more money for less space, and NOVA's RN program is only 10 miles form woodbridge.
  8. mjohnson8436RN

    NOVA RN Program

    NOVA does not have a wait list, but you have to submit your info before the deadline, and their program is competitive so keep your grades up with the prereq's.
  9. mjohnson8436RN

    Nursing school near md

    Thats the only problem with that program is that they are not accredited. Hopefully they will get that soon and all will be well with being able to transfer credits. Good luck with the program.
  10. mjohnson8436RN

    New Grad RN and Cannot Find employment

    I have been searchiong for a job since feburary and I have not had any luck yet. I have applied to every hospital in Dc, VA and MD and I have not even recieved a call back. Hopefully I will get something in the near future. This is a hard time for new graduates who did not work in the hospital as a tech.
  11. mjohnson8436RN

    Student Practical Nurse needing help on preceeding with RN Prereqs

    Take Anatomy 1 & 2, microbiology, english and stats for my school in Northern Virginia.
  12. mjohnson8436RN

    Anyone Attending Globel Health Nursing Training Services????

    This school is a total rip off. All hospital jobs want you to attend a school that is accredited. Look around there are plenty of nursing schools in the area. I cant believe they want you to pass with a "B". Usually you have to pass with a "C" 78% or better. Skip this school.
  13. mjohnson8436RN

    No. VA : Job Outlook for RN in LTC?

    Sorry the job market here is in the dumps:no:. Try to secure a position before you come.