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New Grad Salary

  1. 0 Hey! I'm finishing up my BSN this up and coming spring. I am beginning to prepare my resume and starting to look for open jobs. Can everyone just tell me what was your starting payas a new grad?
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    Starting salaries for new grads can vary widely depending on what part of the country you are in. Down south you may be lucky to start at $20/hr where as in urban areas or California you could be starting around $30/hr.
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    I will be graduating in May 2014 and our starting pay at the hospital I was hired at is $18.35 base with $3.00 night differential. I am in Missouri.
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    New grad LVN - started at $18.50 per hour in 2006 (Texas, nursing home setting)

    New grad RN with ASN degree - $28 per hour in 2010 (Texas, nursing home setting)
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    It really depends where you are located. $28/hr for me as a new grad hot off the press RPN in Ontario, Canada
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    Depends on which state. In AZ, new grads start at around low to mid $20s. If you want to boost it up a bit, you can do nights for the night shift differential. Some hospitals offer a weekend differential too.
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    South Carolina new grad - starting at 22.73 + 2$ for nights and $6 for weekends
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    Balt hospitals starting is $24/hr plus shift diff nights and wkends. Bayview Hopkins is even less $23/hr (Hopkins pays less bec you get the name). LTC is usually more- $27/hr plus SD. Homecare more like $30/hr. Hope this helps. Overtime and PTO/sick days etc also make a diff
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    New Grad ICU, Texas: $20/hr for orientation period, $24.95/hr after orientation with +$3.50/hr differential for nights, and +$4.00/hr differential for weekend.
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    126 bed hospital in Las Vegas, NV at $28/hr plus $2.10/hr for night shift in neuro med surg unit.
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    $22.70/hour in PA, hospital medsurg floor. Transferred after 6 months to an outside hospital in the ED, $23.58/hr.
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    Florida $22.40/hr with $2 afternoon differential or weekend differential for ASN at a public non-profit hospital for 800 beds. BSN required to be completed in 3 years. BSN grads pay is 3% more. They are paying my BSN tuition this semester. I also got my nclex fees reimbursed.
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    $17.75 base + $1 for BSN + $3.05 for night shift differential. So I'm making $21.80 as a new grad on a mother-baby unit in Missouri.