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  1. Alfi_srq

    What is your schedule like as a nurse?

    I work 3x12 days only. We do not rotate. No mandatory OT. If I work through my lunch break, I can clock out with a special code and get paid for that time. I can pick up OT if I want to, when census is high and unit needs coverage, but never mandatory. We have a float team at the hospital that most of the time covers our needs. We do self-scheduling and most of the time we get what requested. Sometimes, certain nurses get asked to stay 4 extra hours for remote tele room, but again not mandatory. Just to help out if they are short.
  2. Alfi_srq

    sw florida low census

    I don't know anything about Naples area. I am 1.5 hours North of Naples working at a large non-profit hospital. We used to see seasonal change in census but not as much any more here. I think tourism picked up and it is common to have patients who were visiting end up on our unit. The last two years our lowest census number was what our highest census used to be 2 years ago. Both last summer and this summer I ended up working overtime. First, a lot of staff wants to take time off in the summer because their kids are out of school. Our unit even had a calendar with blocks when nobody else could request vacation because so many already had time approved. I think it depends on the type of unit you end up working. I work on a cardiac/telemetry unit. While we were busy, our ortho unit was flexing staff because most of their patients undergo elective surgeries. Our county is the oldest county for its size in the country, so the peds unit constantly has low census, etc. You get the idea. Plus during the high season, we were so full that we had to open overflow units and hospital paid double rates and high census bonus program to get staff to come in. So, you could save up a nice cushion for the slow time. And last year we were so busy during the summer that staff annual bonus was doubled. I have not heard anything about this year yet. But we were busy most of the time. and by busy I mean full. I would try to talk to the nurses who actually work in that hospital system.
  3. Alfi_srq

    Negotiating the Holiday Off

    Our unit circulates a sign sheet beginning of November. Each staff member including CNAs rates the holidays in the order of importance for them to get it off. For example, this year I wanted Thanksgiving off more than others, so it was my number one. Christmas I chose to work so it was my last on the list. Then management makes schedule based on that list. I did rate New Years Eve as my middle priority but I am on the schedule to work. However I am in the top of the list to be flexed. So hopefully census will be low enough for me to get the day off.
  4. Alfi_srq

    Can I ask for job opportunities after?

    If you have a year to go, too far away to be projecting job opportunities. But sure do speak about your interest. Ask if they hire new grads, find out who the hire decisions people are. Stay in touch with people you met and ask them if you can use them as references when you do apply.
  5. Alfi_srq

    IV pushes

    I think it is mini infuser they are talking about. It just pushes med slowly
  6. Alfi_srq

    Textbooks and uniforms for sale - where to post?

    You can sell textbooks on half.com or Amazon
  7. Alfi_srq

    Cancer & CHF Codes

    Very small percentage survives code situation no matter what the diagnosis is. Here is some info http://mobile.nytimes.com/blogs/newoldage/2013/03/14/healthy-rate-of-survival-for-elderly-saved-by-cpr/
  8. Alfi_srq

    working and going to school

    Patient care technician or cna would be as close to patient care you can get as a student.
  9. Alfi_srq


    If your job requires it, yes.
  10. Alfi_srq

    New Grad Salary

    Florida $22.40/hr with $2 afternoon differential or weekend differential for ASN at a public non-profit hospital for 800 beds. BSN required to be completed in 3 years. BSN grads pay is 3% more. They are paying my BSN tuition this semester. I also got my nclex fees reimbursed.
  11. Alfi_srq

    What's the BEST nursing shoes?

    I found that Dansko are most comfortable for me. I did make a mistake of buying them exactly to size and they hurt my foot. I bought them larger size and it is like heaven. I tried them in a store and then found online on sale for less.
  12. Alfi_srq

    Tuition Reimbursement

    My hospital offers tuition reimbursement for full- time employees and part-time employees (get 50%). You have to work certain amount of hours and commit to work 18 months after the last tuition check. You have to be a benefited employee basically to get that. Any level of employees eligible starting from hospitality to food servers pct nurses etc. search the websites of hospitals. You can also ask hr
  13. I am a new nurse going through residency. I'd like to get your input on giving K+ replacement PO while on clear liquid diet. Pt was going for CT chest. My preceptor said nothing red or orange is allowed on clear liquid diet. Is that correct? I thought if there is no residue iris ok.
  14. Alfi_srq

    Nursing Student Having Quarter Life Crisis

    I would try finding someone who already works in the area you are interested in.
  15. Alfi_srq

    Cross matching of blood

    Yes cross matching is necessary. As our instructor said some blood may have more of a "strawberry " and another more of "raspberry" in it. And if patient had transfusions before harder it is to find a perfect match
  16. Alfi_srq

    Full time nursing studies as a mother of two

    Research Workforce Investment Act. We had girls who had their tuition paid for through it and even book, uniform and gas money received.