Finally got a job offer!

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    Hi everyone,
    I recently was offered my first nursing job for a medical/surgical unit (graduate nurse position)! I have been applying for one year (tomorrow is my one year anniversary of taking the NCLEX.) But actually, I have been searching for a healthcare related job since October 2011. I just wanted to tell you all not to give up! I do not have any medical background (besides school/clinical). I am not good at interviews - but I continued to better my skills and try again. I do not have ANY hospital connection either. I did it on my own. So, it is possible!

    Good luck on your search and don't give up!
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    Congratulations! That must be an enormous weight off your shoulders!
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    Where did you apply?
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    Way to go, how exciting for you!!!
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    Thank you for your advice! Please give us details of how you got the position. Did you apply online or go in person to HR? Did you create your resume, or use a service? What type of questions did they ask and what was your response? Day shift, or night?

    All that info is probably crumbs to you, but to us GRN's looking for work those crumbs look like CAKE!

    Thank you!
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    Congratulations!!! I'm glad you brought this topic up because it is one of my nightmares that I wont be able to get a job once I finish school (hopefully!). Because I don't /wont have any clinical experience besides what I will have in school (clinical rotations).
    Please share more info on finding your job. Congrats again..

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