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  1. SubSippi

    Type B in a Type A world

    I'm also more of an easy going person who works in an ICU...my solution? Night shift.
  2. SubSippi

    What was it like to be a nurse in the 1980s

    I've heard stories about there being orders for a glass of wine at bedtime (to help with sleep).
  3. SubSippi

    Night Shift Relationship Woes

    Some people have this attitude that you chose to work the night shift, so nobody should have to make any sort of effort to accommodate your sleep schedule. I think that these people should only be allowed to receive health care from places that are open during regular business hours. One day, he's going to wake you up after the wrong shift, and you are going to lose it. Then, you'll either break up, or he will be so terrified of you that he even starts asking the neighbors not to mow the lawn until after 4:00.
  4. SubSippi

    VTach Orders

    I've never seen an order like this, but I wouldn't have called the doc. If VT runs were starting to increase in frequency, or if the patient was symptomatic, then I WOULD have called regardless of an order. That doctor needs to be careful writing orders telling a nurse when not to call. When you're trying to decide if you should call a doctor or not, ask yourself what kind of orders you expect to receive. If there's nothing that you can actually do, then it probably doesn't warrant a phone call. Still, there's no excuse for pitching a fit, especially in front of other people. I know it made you feel like an idiot, but trust me, getting irate over something like that makes him look unprofessional and immature. Don't let people like that know they've gotten to you, that sort of behavior is often times a power trip and if you don't make them feel powerful, they won't do it. Good luck!
  5. SubSippi

    Pregnancy Work Woes

    The pregnant women I've worked with didn't ever refuse to do their job. Obviously, they wouldn't get a patient with shingles, and we had one woman whose OB didn't want her to have flu patients. It seems like the people I know are the total opposite of the OP's coworkers...they're not going to let being pregnant turn them into wimps, and refuse to let people help them! And as far as smells go, I've seen more than one puke in a strategically placed trash can then keep going like nothing happened.
  6. SubSippi

    The state made a weird request

    Put the coffee in a less coffee-like container. There are lots of thermos type things that look like something you drink water out of, but also work for hot drinks. I think it's probably not that big of a deal, or the state inspector telling you this wouldn't be news. But you know more about taking care of patients who are detoxing than most of us do...do you think having coffee at the desk hinders the recovery process? If no, then I don't see an issue. Patients aren't necessarily guaranteed the right to not be annoyed.
  7. SubSippi


    Look into community health nursing, they do a lot of education and talking. Or if you thought you could be a social worker, you can always look into care management, which is something lots of people with social work degrees do.
  8. SubSippi

    Would You Report Me for This?

    I can see how this could be confusing for a new nurse, because we are taught to do things a certain way in nursing school, then we get out in the real world and see rules being broken left and right. Like someone else said, experience will tell you which rules you can break. In my opinion, the real lesson here is that you should always go strictly by the book if someone a family member or manager is around. Your manager HAD to do something because a visitor saw you breaking the rules.
  9. SubSippi

    Apologies for using the term "NETY"

    There are so many broad generalizations in this thread! As far as I know, there hasn't been a nation wide study done on the age of bullies in the workplace, so I don't see why people are so convinced they're right. Your experience is your experience, and is anecdotal.
  10. SubSippi

    Ambulating a pt while on vasoactive drugs?

    It depends on the pressor and it depends on the patient. You're getting mixed responses because there isn't a straight answer. Your best bet is to take things slow, and see what the patient can tolerate.
  11. SubSippi

    Nursing program and pregnancy

    At most places you start clinicals in the first semester. If you did give birth in November, there's a good chance you'd end up missing some, and at every school I've ever heard of, you get dropped if you miss too many, regardless of the reason. A lot of schools give people the option to defer enrollment a years once you're accepted.
  12. SubSippi

    Can this be put on the homepage or SOMETHING?!

    Yeah...people looooove posting long whiny rants about a random, insensitive comment made by some idiot but it doesn't seem like too many people are invested enough to just sign a petition.
  13. SubSippi

    Annual Raise - Philly area nurses

    Last year the nurses at my hospital got their first raise in seven years...2%...which for me, was about 40 cents. Not from philly...oops.
  14. SubSippi

    How to cope with poor memory

    I have an AWFUL memory, I've been notorious for it since I was little. I over compensate to the point where I appear really organized and on top of things. I write everything down, always, and when I round with the docs I have to make a special sheet for that. I have check lists everywhere, for everything. If I have to do oral care q4h, I have a spot with three spaces, and I don't cross anything out until it's charted. It might take a little extra time to write things down, but I'm hardly ever behind. Having everything out in front of me makes it easy to organize everything I have to do, and I'm way less likely to have to make multiple trips into a patient's room. It's annoying, and I've always been SO jealous of people who can just remember things off the top of their heads.
  15. icuRNmaggie has been reposting and reposting the link to the petition to have mandated nurse to patient ratios, but there are STILL only about 20,000 out of the 80,000 signatures needed by October 17. We all argue a whole lot, but I think this might be one thing just about all of us can agree on. I'm sure most of the moderators and other people involved with AN support the cause as individuals, but can AN as a company help support us on this? It just seems like having a link on the front page would generate so much more traffic. And what about all those article links that pop up on Facebook? Can the petition be linked in one of those? Having the support of a giant internet presence like this one could make all the difference, and I hate to say it, but I don't think we can do it on our own. We need help! https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/provide-federal-legislation-nurse-patient-ratios
  16. Like MunroRN said, the main issue is the lack of room to overshoot volume replacement...for this reason, I think that these patients would benefit from having a PA line. Unfortunately, at my facility, the MDs always refuse (personally, I think it's because they don't know how to put one in). We only have them on patients after open heart surgery. The patients are still going to need volume, and the best way to gauge the rate and volume these patients can tolerate is with hemos. That way, if you're not able to comply with the facility's sepsis bundles, you have the cold hard numbers to explain why.