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I apologize in advance, this is a long one - but I would really appreciate some advise from anyone who might be able to offer it. I am a new nurse. Before graduating from school I was working as a nurse tech on a specialty floor... Read More

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    yep, things change- my floor used to be exclusively post cardiac pts, now its got dopeheads, etoh's, psych, dementia, nursing home.... heaven forbid that the company leaves any bed empty:-(

    Sorry this happened to you. maybe something will turn up someday.

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    I think you have your heart so set on the "dream job" that you're not allowing yourself to appreciate what you can learn in your current job. I'm going to guess, based on your level of emotion, that your "dream job" is in OB and your current job is M/S. Am I close? Your current coworkers and manager are really nice, you said. Right there, you are SO fortunate to have that. My advice is to suck it up, change your attitude and decide that you will make the best of a less-than-ideal situation and learn everything you can in your current job, and wait out the six months or however long it will take before you can transfer.
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    Am not sure what you got physically ill..just the stress I guess...if your former manager told you to apply/go to the Nurse Recruiter etc - then do it. If they are not willing to change their 6 month policy then it doesn't make sense to go somewhere else for 5 more months then try to come back to this place to go back to your dream job unit - if you can't move now & have to wait the 5 months it would make it easier to transfer to where you want to be then to leave and return. It cost, from what HR at the former hospital I worked at, said about 6K depending to bring a new hire in - if you left, came back and left again they would be hesitant to hire you again I'd think - regardless of the reason. So, do as your former manager said and see where it goes. If the unit you are on is REALLY that intolerable & there would be no way you could manage it until the 6 months transfer rule then that is something to think about but for now..one step at a time.
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    Advice, stick it out and be a big grown boring adult. You might love it, even that dream job will have the days where you want to puke. Tell your old manager, you feel obligated to serve at least 6 months in your new job before transferring, and then re-assess the situation after that time.

    I really feel for you, I have days where I want to cry and find a M-F 7-3 job, and damn everything else. But they pass. Like everything.
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    Sounds like the OP may be pregant, or suffering PMS? That may be the reason for the tears/vomiting. Or she may be "dramatic".
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    OP, I was in a similiar position not too long ago. I applied to a hospital for my "dream" job. The nurse recruiter said there were no openings in the floor I wanted to work on and offered me a position in the ED. While on orientation, I spoke to the NM for Post partum and told her about my passion to work on her unit. She told me to wait until my 6 months is up in the ED and put in for a transfer. I was so syked! I was like, sure I can make it 6 months in the ED. Well, I was wrong. It was a living HELL for me. Every night I was paranoid, scared, the pace was too fast, not knowing what was coming through the doors, having to deal with traumas, and violent alcoholics. I was done. I cried everyday. I felt guilty for feeling this way because I worked with such nice people. Everyone was great and helpful.
    However, after 30 days I left, and applied at another hospital and was hired into the specialty I originally wanted.
    I'm not advising you to quit, I think you should hang in there. Should you leave before being able transfer, just know that you are not the only one who has went that route.
    Keep us posted on what ever you decide.
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    I disagree. I've felt the same as her and no, I was not pregnant or suffering PMS. Everyone handles stress and anxiety differently.
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    Quote from FlorenceNtheMachine
    I have days where I want to cry and find a M-F 7-3 job, and damn everything else. But they pass. Like everything.
    ^ Yes

    It takes at least 6 + months to get adjusted to any new setting. I absolutely LOVE my job, I have wanted to and have cried, including this week-total disaster this week. I know it will pass, and I know what it will take for it to pass.

    I have been in positions where I wanted to stay or get a certain position. I even had to leave a great job because they didn't hire LPNs. I went on to have a great career, learning many nursing disciplines before going back to get my BSN.

    Like another poster commented about internal happiness-
    If you are honestly happy being a nurse FIRST, I am sure, regardless of what specialty you work in, you will be able to be successful at your current position, and learn and expand your practice. Sometimes life also gives us the chance to learn something about who you truly are...you may think that your previous position was a "dream" but your niche and expertise is at this current position and unit, and may be a place that may make you stronger in your practice.

    You may return to your "dream" unit more prepared and have better skill sets, or on to bigger better things. Nursing can be very fluid. I can honestly say I am NO WHERE where I initially wanted to be, and enjoyed each "stop" that has made me a better nurse, even the bad days and the days with tears.
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    Quote from Altra
    Did you work as a nurse while you & your husband had relocated? If so, that was not the *dream* unit with the *dream* manager, right? And yet you got through it.

    While I cannot possibly know whether or not strings will be pulled or rules will be bent to allow you to transfer to your desired unit quickly, I can confidently tell you one thing: you WILL be miserable every day that you work if you don't emotionally detach yourself from the dream and engage yourself fully in the work you're doing right now.

    And consider this, too: over time, people, unit structures, patient populations and hospital priorities evolve. The *dream* unit today may very well not be the dream unit 10 years from now. If your job satisfaction comes 100% from external factors ... you may find yourself perpetually or perennially dissatisfied.

    Good luck to you.
    ^ Yes!!!
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    Quote from enchantmentdis
    Sounds like the OP may be pregant, or suffering PMS? That may be the reason for the tears/vomiting. Or she may be "dramatic".
    ^WOW...just wow...
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