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I just want to let everyone know my experience. I recently just finished my EC LPN-RN program. It took me forever, just because of life and laziness. I am proud of my accomplishment but really upset at myself for not taking... Read More

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    I can attest to how important this is, even 20 some years later. My pre-requisite and LPN courses were littered with A,B,C grades and some of the more difficult classes were B,C.
    Now I'm in a BSN program and I was put on academic probation because my GPA wasn't at least a 3.0. Talk about wanting to kick myself. I'm working my butt off and pulling a 4.0. Of course being twenty years older has made a huge difference in mindset.

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    He! y, I've been frustrated because my GPA WAS really good, and I was even in the honor society. But, i didn't work during school because I knew my grades would suffer if I did.

    Well, the joke is on me! Those employers don't care a lick about my GPA or the honor society. NO! All they want is the experience.

    So, all those student's who worked as CNA's and squeeked by with an "C = RN" degree- well, they have jobs because they have experience and connections.

    Maybe I know I can get into my RN-BSN program no sweat, but I can't pay my bills or loans because I can't find a decent job ANYWHERE!!!

    I think nursing education should be run this way: you achieve CNA status- then your next semester you are employeed full time as a CNA. Next, you achieve LPN status- and the next semester or year, you are employed as an LPN. Then the final leg, you achieve your 2 year degree and you guessed it, get the job and go to work. You will be able to do this because your clinical skills will be practical and strong and your theory grades will be reinforced through on the job real training. Our clinicals today are a joke! That's why we don't know anything when we graduate and no one want to pay to train us! Nursing is a hands on profession!
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    I agree- it NEVER hurts to get the A!! I worked very hard in nursing school and got a high GPA. It was also horrendously stressful for me, because I was in a Master's Entry program and they kick you out if you get below a 3.0. You also fail the class if you get below a 83%. On the other hand, when it comes to getting a job, it can be about WHO you know and not what you know. Getting good references and having a CNA job can help miles.

    I noticed that it is often easier for older students and second career nurses to get those As, because they have the discipline. I started my undergrad at age 17, and I was more worried about my social life and partying. Needless to say, my grades and career ambitions sat on the back burner and I ended up working retail after graduation. When I started my nursing program, I dedicated my time and energy to school and it paid off.
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    So the days of "C's get degrees" or "C means continue" are over?
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    Not where I went to school!!! I was in an ADN program.We had a 6 point scale. I had a class average for one of my classes that was 86.4. That was a C. After a year of making nearly impossible to get a B, let alone and A, we explained that they could make it tough, but they were killing our chances of getting into a BSN or MSN program because of our GPAs. They did modify it for second year, but the damage was done. Fortunately, many schools are like that, so GPA in Nursing school did not hurt me when applying for a slot in the RN-BSN program. I have a 3.5 in my non-nursing undergrad degree and a 4.0 for my masters. Where I work now, they did not ask for GPAs. And it is a major, nationally ranked magnet teaching hospital.
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    In my facility we look at all the credentials when hiring fora nurse. We have a nursing practice board committee that involves the executive, nurse manager,and staff nurses that check the credentials of the applicants when they apply for a job. We are a federal facility, so we do extensive background check to every application. We do not only examine your credentials but also the evaluation of your supervisor from your previous employment. Advance degree carries a big weight on the applications salary. So advance degree is a bigdeal and schools have certain policies to maintain that GPA.
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    I don't think jobs care what grades you rec'd, I think this article just represents futhering your education.
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    I'm going to have to politely disagree with the OP. Unless you are planning on going to grad school, your work experience is going to be far more important than your grades. I believe my work experience as a sitter, PCA/SNA at two hospitals and volunteer and internships are going to be worth FAR more than my grades (and this is coming from someone with over a 3.7).

    HOWEVER, I DO think that people should strive for at least a B. I study with a girl who has literally squeaked by with C's (one class she got a 72.5 which was rounded to a 73...the bare minimum one needs to pass) and will go weeks at a time without going to class. I told her that she will NOT survive the program if she doesn't get it together. She tells me that next year, I need to text her everyday and make her go to class, and I reminded that her that she is an adult and SHE needs to take responsibility for herself. She says she wants to be a midwife, but in order to get into our school's midwife program, you have to have a VERY high GPA (it is very competitive).

    Squeaking by will shoot her in the foot eventually.
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    Remember the OP is referring to the LPN to ASN/RN program at Excelsior. This is a challenge exam program, not classroom based, so you have one challenge exam and that is your grade for the course. This is not referring to a traditional college where you have several tests, quizzes, assignments that your grade is based upon. The point is to take your preparation for each of the Excelsior College Exams seriously so that you can score as well as you potentially can. One low exam grade = low grade for course = lower GPA overall which can make a difference when applying to further your education.
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    I used to pull "all-nighters" before exams and always got A.

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