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  1. Rockclimbingnurse

    2016 US RN to Australia

    They didn't give me too many options (either appeal or accept) and when I called, they gave me the option of a bridging course. I was able to get transferred on the phone to a registration officer, and she said with 720 hours, I can't get full registration. I have 3.5 years experience (med/surg, psych) so not tons, but I personally think it's enough to warrant full registration. Unfortunately, I already signed the form telling them I accepted registration with conditions. Is it too late to change any of this? I would gladly appreciate your help through this!
  2. Rockclimbingnurse

    AHPRA Letter of Eligibility

    They received my application in May and gave me a response 5 weeks later requesting more documents. I requested an extension due to needing stuff mailed over from the US. That was due July 21, and they gave me my final decision mid-September.
  3. Rockclimbingnurse

    Sleep-night shift

    I never adjusted to sleeping well on the night shift, but that was because I did a lot of swing shifts also. I had some luck with Trazodone, but I really disliked having to rely on a pill to sleep. I mostly relied on coffee to get through the night!
  4. Rockclimbingnurse

    I'm Quitting nursing to work in coffee shop

    You can always go back into nursing if it doesn't work out. Just because you leave nursing doesn't mean it's the end. I took a break to travel and go work at a ski resort and it was the best time of my life! You are lucky that you have a husband to support you, and that would be even more of an incentive to go for it. There's some quote that says "You miss all the shots you don't take"
  5. Rockclimbingnurse

    Considering switching to psych after 24 years in pediatrics

    Definitely, my old nurse manager worked in L&D for decades before she switched over to psych. I absolutely loved working in mental health and also drawn to this population. I worked with many nurses who were judgmental against this population and there because they were "stuck", so I think you would be a great asset to them.
  6. Rockclimbingnurse

    2016 US RN to Australia

    I have a BS in another degree, and went for a Master's Entry to Nursing program (which is basically the same as an accelerated BSN). I'm pretty irritated that my program didn't meet the required 800 hours. We focused a LOT on theory and research... I would have loved more clinical hours. I learned so much from clinical. And yeah, hopefully hiring managers would consider the supervision just extra training for the job. I'd be a super top notch nurse after that right? I just feel that I'm not an attractive candidate, because once they see restrictions it's just a big red flag.
  7. Rockclimbingnurse

    AHPRA refused registration for USA nurse to be registered in Australia

    I know this is an old thread, but I had 720 clinical hours. However, they must've changed some things because they granted me registration but with with restrictions. I have to be under direct supervision for 3 months full time. Therefore, I'm pretty much useless to employers
  8. Rockclimbingnurse

    2016 US RN to Australia

    Hi there, I'm a US RN that went through the process of applying and would like to share my experience. AHPRA granted me registration HOWEVER, with conditions. I fell short of the 800 required clinical hours in my nursing program. My university confirmed that I completed 720 hours. I can't really put a case against that- numbers don't lie. The conditions are: I have to be directly supervised for 3 months full time. Is that basically a death sentence? No employer would want to put in the resources of having someone breathe over my neck when there are so many other qualified nurses out there. I don't see the chance of getting hired, let alone have them sponsor me! AHPRA also gave me the option of completing a bridging course, but that costs over $10,000 and that insulting given that I met all their other requirements other than being short 80 hours of clinical during school! Does anyone know any nurses who were able to get a job with conditions on their license?
  9. Rockclimbingnurse

    Background checks + interviews

    I managed to secure two different RN jobs. There are different background check services out there. I came clean for my first job, because after reading the background check paperwork, it only looked for felony convictions in Wisconsin, while I only had misdemeanor charges there. Well after I got hired, they wanted to run my fingerprints because I was working with children. Holy crap, I almost had an anxiety attack! It was awful waiting to hear back if they would fire me, since my fingerprints were in the system. Well, I am still working at that job almost 2 years later. A private investigator actually contacted me when I filled in the new employee paperwork. I pretty much just explained what happened and that was it. Really simple. I am also still working at that job. I work in a psychiatric setting and the other job is a hospital part of a large corporation.
  10. Rockclimbingnurse

    New Grad resume... Seeking feedback please

    Thanks! I ended up getting a job offer a month later. In the end, my manager told me it was me dressing in a suit and printing it on nice paper (not computer paper) that really sealed the deal. Hopefully, it will be a while before I'm job hunting again.
  11. Rockclimbingnurse

    Should I get Essentials of Correctional Nursing?

    Now that you mention that, I feel like I should probably get that book too. I just got hired in corrections and I feel like I might be in over my head. I also work in a psych hospital and bought a book for it, and that was greatly helpful. It wasn't that nurses didn't want to train me.. they answered my questions but they were also very busy. I also hated feeling stupid asking "DUH" questions.
  12. Rockclimbingnurse

    are correctional nurses allowed to wear knee-length skirts?

    The place I'm at requires you to wear scrubs. Even if they didn't, I definitely would not want to wear skirts. If the inmates made the rules, the answer would probably be yes LOL
  13. Rockclimbingnurse

    Importance of good grades!!!

    I agree- it NEVER hurts to get the A!! I worked very hard in nursing school and got a high GPA. It was also horrendously stressful for me, because I was in a Master's Entry program and they kick you out if you get below a 3.0. You also fail the class if you get below a 83%. On the other hand, when it comes to getting a job, it can be about WHO you know and not what you know. Getting good references and having a CNA job can help miles. I noticed that it is often easier for older students and second career nurses to get those As, because they have the discipline. I started my undergrad at age 17, and I was more worried about my social life and partying. Needless to say, my grades and career ambitions sat on the back burner and I ended up working retail after graduation. When I started my nursing program, I dedicated my time and energy to school and it paid off.
  14. Rockclimbingnurse

    Almost new grad who wants to work in psych--advice please!

    Of course you should try. I'm a new grad working in psych, and I work with other new grads. You should not have to start out in med-surg especially if that is not what you want to do. I will caution you that not many new grads get their specialty of choice as their first job. I was lucky that psych was one of my top choices. By the way, I absolutely LOVE my job!
  15. Rockclimbingnurse

    can I become a RN with a misdemeanor charge?

    It depends what state you decide to get your license. Some states may straight up deny your license or put stipulations on it. Others will be more lenient. I had three misdemeanor charges, and I had to wait for the final disposition then send in court documents. After the board looked at it, my application was approved and my license number was posted the next day! Some BON websites have an archive of what people got stipulations or warnings for. A lot of them were serious things like narcotics diversion or multiple convictions. Some applications ask only if you had a felony charge- you can check here for more info- https://www.ncsbn.org/profiles.htm
  16. Rockclimbingnurse

    How To Answer The Most Common Nursing Interview Questions

    Late reply, but please do not beat yourself up over it! Easier said than done, I know... I have an interview this week actually, hence why I am on here, and I am afraid that the same thing will happen to me. I am sure many people have been in your situation, so these managers would not single you out. When I think of my past interviews in college, I was mortified at how unprepared I was. I barely looked up questions, didn't research anything about the workplace, didn't look sharp... I took the bus to one in 90 degree weather (in Minnesota, what the devil!) and showed up sweating and stinking. When I discovered Allnurses.com, it was like I struck gold!