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Reaching under commercial lawn-mower to remove stick. Mower running. Started with 10, ended with 6.... Read More

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    I read about this one firsthand in medical records while reviewing an insurance claim a few years back: a DOCTOR tried to stop his continuous diarrhea by sticking a shotglass up there. No one would have ever known had it not broken and forced him to go to the ER for removal.

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    Every time to the same nurse: don't remove the safety clip of the B.I.G. IO before it's firmly placed on the skin. One of these days...

    2 days later:

    Nurse1: Don't remove....

    Nurse2: Ouch, f*** damn it's right through
    (seeing half an IO dangling through the finger)

    Nurse1: Told you...
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    Quote from RNperdiem
    The guy had taken a stab at the snake that bit him and stabbed himself.
    That's so the kind of thing that I would do....
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    Burning brush while being a wheelchair-bound paraplegic.
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    we had a repair made to our metal 150+ year old roof. it was summer and my husband was about to go out the kitchen door with the garbage. the repairman had said he had picked up all the dropped little bitty nails... i called that he should double check just to be safe.

    he skipped that little step. he went to the er with 4 nails in his foot. ouch!!

    when we got home, he said, "i really should have checked." uh... yeah.

    eta: he was barefoot when he took the garbage bags out.
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    "I guess putting my hand between the pneumatic nail gun and the wall wasn't such a great idea after all."
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    My favorite line is "What happened was......"
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    Favorite lines.

    "Me and my buddy..."

    "So I had a couple of beers and..."

    "I don't know how the light bulb got there."
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    Quote from Floridatrail2006
    Favorite lines.

    "Me and my buddy..."

    "So I had a couple of beers and..."

    "I don't know how the light bulb got there."
    the last one goes with my up the butt theme lol
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    HaHa. Yeah, butt objects could get endless.

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