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guest042302019 is a BSN, RN and specializes in Progressive, Intermediate Care, and Stepdown.

My name is Andrew Craig. A year ago I took the plunge and started travel nursing with my wife. She is also an RN. We often work together on the same unit and same specialty. Travel nursing is the best career decision I have ever made! I'm currently working on the MSN of Nursing Education. My life drastically changed when I started making Youtube videos and writing about Travel Nursing. I enjoy educating travel nurses and helping support the Travel Nursing community.

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    In my humble, non-biased opinion, I think Cerner is the biggest pile of charting poo that has ever hit electronic health records. I would much rather go back to hard copy charting than use that junk. Context: I'm a travel nurse. I've been all over t...
  2. As nurses, we work with many types of people. Some really amazing people. Some unsavory people. Some you wouldn't want to be caught dead associating with. Tonight, I was watching Grey's Anatomy! I'm way behind the times as I just started only a fe...
  3. Meet Justice Steed, BSN, RN

    Excellent article! I'm glad to learn more about your story.
  4. What To Know Before Signing a New Grad RN Contract

    I'm a travel nurse. I completely agree with idea that our opinion is unbiased and we do a rapidly ability to evaluate the quality of the floor. However, travel nurses are hired to fill a void. A position. Work from day one. Putting our opinions "out ...
  5. Travelling OR RN career?

    Thanks for the Traveler Talk shout out! I am very happy people are finding it useful! There is a TON of great information in there! :)
  6. I wrote this on the Facebook Group, "Travel Nurse Network--The Gypsy Nurse" During times of crisis, we should come together in solidarity. I propose we help #healvegas Unfortunately, it feels like we are completely divided at times. Our political s...
  7. How to ruffle feathers: Travel Nursing & Bill Rate Transparency

    Congrats! My wife and will be in Madison, WI until December :)
  8. How to ruffle feathers: Travel Nursing & Bill Rate Transparency

    A company required you to sign a document to not talk with other nurses about your salary? Will you PM me? I'm curious about this.
  9. How to ruffle feathers: Travel Nursing & Bill Rate Transparency

    Ofcourse! :) I'll do you one better. First, it's a legal obligation and a Youtube Terms of Service that I would HAVE to say if this was sponsored or paid for in some way. The short answer is no. Mark approached me several weeks back when I started to...
  10. How to ruffle feathers: Travel Nursing & Bill Rate Transparency

    LOL! :)
  11. How to ruffle feathers: Travel Nursing & Bill Rate Transparency

    Completely agree! Extremely refreshing! We will be doing more talks in the future. Where you heading on your first assignment?
  12. As a travel nurse, I'm heavily involved in the community. I scour the facebook groups, LinkedIn posts, and of course, the Allnurses forum. I started travel nursing nearly two years ago and I never want to stop. It's the first time in my nursing caree...
  13. What is a travel nurse?

    I completely agree about the challenges you are describing. For the most part, we have really lucked out and had good experiences.
  14. Hospital cancellations, recruiter reviews, comparing contracts etc

    The link no longer works. It's to a 404 error message.
  15. I've been a traveler for almost two years now. My wife and I have been to 3 states as travelers and have had multiple contracts. Minnesota. 40 bed medical IMC. Level 2 trauma centerOregon. 20 bed medical IMC. Level 4 trauma centerWisconsin. 25 bed tr...