I would like to hear form those that have refused the mandatory Flu Shot.

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    I don't want to turn this in to a debate regarding the flu shot. I have made my opinion and until some more evidence based studies are performed I don't want to get it.
    Up until now I have been allowed to sign a waiver, but I have interviewed at a hospital that has made it mandatory, or you have to wear a mask.

    I would like to hear from those that have opted to wear a mask during flu season. Is it truly realistic? Have you ended up caving because its a pain? Are you the only one to refuse on your unit or are there any other rebels? I really want this position that I interviewed for, but I absolutely do not want to get the vaccine. I'm trying to figure out if I should just pass on this job, or if wearing the mask is feasible. Thanks
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    My employer also requires the vaccination or you must wear a mask. Do you wear eyeglasses? If so, it's a serious dealbreaker (as for me) due to the constant fogging of the lenses, regardless of how I position it my glasses steam up and I cannot see a thing. I have coworkers who wear the mask and it doesn't seem to bother them too much, as far as I can tell.
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    You should be prepared for the worse case scenario which may be wearing a mask at all times. How would you feel about that? If you think it would be uncomfortable for you then you may want to look for another job.
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    I wore the mask for 2 shifts and it sucked.. I had the flu shot at my former facility but until my current facility had my records I had to wear it. Pts look at you like you are contagious and you can only take it off to eat. It was not fun. One of my co-workers wore hers from October to March. Another co-worker broke down and just got the shot because it was a pain. So in all, only one person in our unit did not get the flu shot.
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    We can refuse, but if there is an outbreak, we cannot work. That's the policy, so I choose to have the shot. It isn't worth me risking my job.
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    Im an APN and I choose not to get a flu shot. I wear a mask around pts and I explain that I dont wish them to become ill.
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    I'm pretty militant about healthcare workers getting flu shots, and I'm the first to roll up my sleeve.....I've got asthma and diabetes, so protecting myself from influenza is not optional for me. Besides, I doubt I could live with myself, if I were to get the flu and pass it on to one of my frail elderly residents who later dies.

    It's not a question of what the flu can do to us---this is not about us, it's for the safety of those we care for. I've never mandated my staff to get flu shots, but I do make it incredibly easy by giving them free immunizations right there at work, and if that doesn't persuade 'em, I resort to bribery, pleading, and good old-fashioned Mamma guilt. Yep......I'm shameless

    ETA: Sorry, I didn't mean to hijack this thread with my obvious bias toward influenza prevention via the 'needle'. Mea maxima culpa. No flames, please!
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    It's nice that they give you a choice, mine makes it mandatory or you get fired. I used to be against it, but I work with tiny babies with no immune system, and I'd hate to get one of them sick so that has changed my mind. They also make it mandatory for us to get the Tdap.

    I say just think of how you feel when you go into an isolation room with airborne precautions, all hot, the patient can't even see you smile, you are super uncomfortable. If that doesn't make you as uncomfortable as it does me lol, I say accept the job, otherwise it is not worth the hassle because flu season happens every year.
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    You have to wear a mask at my facility if you refuse the flu vaccine. I know of one nurse on my floor that has done so. She wore the mask for maybe a week and I haven't seen it since. I know it is still policy I just don't think it is enforced. I hate wearing those things so I could never do it Sept-Mar but if you are the type that doesn't mind them and this is a job opportunity you do not want to pass up it may be something worth doing, especially since THIS flu season is just about done.
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    I think you should be prepared that the policy could change to only people with health reasons can choose the mask option. the rest of us that refuse will be fired . I don't have an issue with the flu shot pers say i just hate that i consistently get sick as an immune reaction to a foreign body being introduced.
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