Visit the booth at NTI and get a gift :)

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    nti is just around the corner. for all of you going to washington dc for the national training institute, make sure you stop by the an booth #4409

    when you come by, tell us your username and we'll have a special gift for you.

    this year, we will have tshirts, pens, post-it notes and other great give-aways!

    visit our booth and sign up to win the hot new apple ipad! we will have a drawing for a 16 gb wifi ipad.

    meet some of the staff: brian, nrskarenrn, siri, traumarus and many more staff members

    please post a reply here if you are planning on coming, looking forward to meeting all of you!

    please share this with all your nti going friends, facebook, twitter, email or whatever you want
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    More details: will be exhibiting for the 3rd year in a row the AACN's National Teaching Institute & Critical Care Expo. booth #4409
    in the Career Opportunity Section

    2010 Exhibit Booth times and dates are:

    Tuesday, May 18 10:30 am - 4:30 pm
    Wednesday, May 19 10:30 am - 4:30 pm
    Thursday, May 20 9 am - 12 noon
    Floorplan Map:

    It's a great Critical Care Nursing Convention, lots of good education and exhibits. The last few years have been a great time for several of the AN staff members to meet many of our AN members as well as help spread the word about to future members and nurse educators .

    Most people who have stopped by our exhibit booth said that we (AN) have the coolest giveaways of the show We have some new ideas and we will not disappoint this year.

    We hope to see you there!

    There are already several members planning on going, join in the conversations in our AACN/NTI Convention Attendees forum.
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    Looking forward to meeting everyone!
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    Yes, I am looking forward to meeting everyone, too.
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    I will be there and I am looking forward to meeting as many members as possible!!!
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    Wow, I will be with you in mind and spirit. Please give us info on the convention when you get home.
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    Wish I had known ahead of time - I could have popped down from Baltimore.
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    Quote from caroladybelle
    Wish I had known ahead of time - I could have popped down from Baltimore.

    You still can Carol, go for a day on the train. I am commuting daily on MARC and METRO. Spending the BIG bucks to go to San Antonio in Sept. for ENA!!

    Looking forward to meeting as many as possible and putting names and faces together.
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    Yeah but the fees are a bit pricy for Convention.

    (though now I am CC as well as ONC/Hemo and could use the classes)
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    I will be there! can't wait!
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