Too old for ICU?

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    1 year telemetry/med surg experience (still there) and am 53. I've been reasonably successful at my job and am ready to move on. I have an interview for ICU at another hospital. Am I too old for them to even consider me? I am healthy, in good physical shape, but suddenly worried that they'll laugh at me as soon as I walk into the interview. Am I being paranoid or should I steel myself for likely being turned down?

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    Go in there and give them you best at the interview. There is no reason you should not be considered! GOOD LUCK! You will do fine!!
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    Haven't you heard...50 is the new 40. You will do great, good luck
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    Best wishes!!! There is age discrimination, but it is subtle, and will be denied. How can it be proven, unless something is said.

    But that does not automatically exclude you, and your maturity brings a lot to the table.

    Do not allow the discussion to dwell on your age, or age-related issues.

    Take care!
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    I just had an interview and was successful (I'm 52) and my age wasn't mentioned.
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    That is a load... there is no such thing a too old. Think of all the real world experience you have and highlight that in your interview. When i started in the ICU I was 22, some said I was too young, but I made it work anyway.
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    50 is the new 30
    I have recently been hired for 2 new jobs at the tender age of 55. So you shouldn't really have a problem. And ICUs appreciated maturity due to the critical nature of the patients
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    The challenge of working in an ICU is great! I say go for it, and hope you have a positive outcome!
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    The manager who hired me told me if she had a choice she'd hire all post-menopausal women because we don't go out on maternity leave and we don't call in sick because we can't find a babysitter.
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    THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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