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  1. eyeball

    Does nursing really suck that badly?

    I've read stuff like this and no longer believe it. I put my heart, soul, and mind into nursing and it's been largely an ordeal. Reading comments like this make me sadder than I already feel about how lousy a choice nursing has been for me.
  2. eyeball

    Does nursing really suck that badly?

    I think nursing sucks and would not advise it as a career to any of my children. You can message me if you like.
  3. eyeball

    I hate nursing..

    Hey all- After experiencing the misery that is floor nursing for 16 months I took the plunge and left. I seriously contemplated ditching nursing entirely but then began to apply for nursing jobs with one stipulation: no hospital. I am now working in ...
  4. eyeball

    All Hospitals the same?

    Long story short: After 13 months of suffering through my first RN job on a chaotic and unsupportive MS/Tele floor, I have been offered a new job at another hospital at an intermediate care unit. My initial impressions have been good (strong manager...
  5. eyeball

    How can I get in the hospital?

    I agree, it isn't your age but a very tight market. One piece of advice someone shared with me not too long ago: 75% of jobs are gotten through networking. So, think about who you know who might have some position in health care who may be able to fo...
  6. eyeball

    At what point do you say something?

    My thoughts exactly...I'm too busy to notice how other nurses are performing their jobs. The only thing that catches my notice is that some nurses seem to sit around and have time to chat a lot..something I never have time for.
  7. eyeball

    day shift vs. night shift *vent*

    I had an interesting experience 2 nights ago. I work days and one of my best buddies from nursing school works nights and got my group of patients. She asked me "What needs doing?" at around 1850 or so. I said, "Don't worry-go do your pt research...I...
  8. eyeball

    RNs overworked/underpaid/unsafe staffing

    Oh yes I agree. I just came back from a meeting which left me with a combined headache/stomachache. We were informed that our already ridiculously busy floor/heavy workload would be increasing in several ways and that we were expected to suck it up ...
  9. eyeball

    Desperately seeking encouragement in 1st year

    "...I cannot, for the life of me, figure out what in the world is wrong with me." Heartbreaking quote! I must be emphatic when I say there is nothing wrong with you!!!!!!!! It's an erroneous conclusion. The first year of nursing brings the best of...
  10. eyeball

    Desperately seeking encouragement in 1st year

    Our stories are very similar: second career, middle age, graduated with honors, successful in previous endeavors, and then WHAM knocked flat on your back by your first nursing job. I read your post and feel your pain. By the skin of my teeth I surviv...
  11. eyeball

    Too old for ICU?

    Well, I didn't get the job but in an interesting way....I interviewed today and the interview went well. It was the most thorough and thoughtful interview I've ever had. I got a tour of the unit and fell in love with it. The hospital is new, and the ...
  12. eyeball

    Difficult families

    Last week I had a patient whose family had earned the reputation of "difficult/needy/demanding" from the previous nurses. And they were, in every way possible. These are the families that to my mind, suck the oxygen from the room and interfere with ...
  13. eyeball

    Too old for ICU?

    THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. eyeball

    Too old for ICU?

    1 year telemetry/med surg experience (still there) and am 53. I've been reasonably successful at my job and am ready to move on. I have an interview for ICU at another hospital. Am I too old for them to even consider me? I am healthy, in good physica...
  15. eyeball

    Would like input

    I forgot to add that I would definitely give two weeks notice!!!!!