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  1. eyeball

    Does nursing really suck that badly?

    I've read stuff like this and no longer believe it. I put my heart, soul, and mind into nursing and it's been largely an ordeal. Reading comments like this make me sadder than I already feel about how lousy a choice nursing has been for me.
  2. eyeball

    Does nursing really suck that badly?

    I think nursing sucks and would not advise it as a career to any of my children. You can message me if you like.
  3. eyeball

    The HARD Truth for most nurses

    This is a d$&!ish response.
  4. eyeball

    I hate nursing..

    Hey all- After experiencing the misery that is floor nursing for 16 months I took the plunge and left. I seriously contemplated ditching nursing entirely but then began to apply for nursing jobs with one stipulation: no hospital. I am now working in a Health Department as a public health nurse. I really like my job....the pace is doable, I get 1:1 time with clients, I do lots of education, work in a small team that can't afford to ****** with each other cause it'll come right back atcha, get treated like a professional. I truly feel bad for any of you who feels that the only option for you is hospital nursing. When an earlier poster said referring to hospital "Your soul dies" he/she was not kidding and that's just too high a price to pay.
  5. eyeball

    leaving my first job after 3 months due to bullying

    OK, First, I am so sorry your first job is this bad. The word in your post which screamed out at me is that you are "ashamed" at the thought of leaving the job. This is to me proof positive that you are in a toxic work situation. Abusive behaviors are not only to be tolerated but you are feeling ashamed for not tolerating them well. Try to re-name that feeling into more positive language: Instead of shame, can you see that you are a healthy person with good instincts? My dear, your self respect and sanity are worth so much more than this. Another job will come. My advice is to draft that letter of resignation and leave immediately. I did it 2 months ago. It was hard,I'll admit but it was the right thing to do. Got 2 nice job offers 3 weeks ago and started one of them yesterday. Honor yourself!
  6. eyeball

    Why such high new RN turnover?

    I couldn't have said it better...This post nails it.
  7. eyeball

    Finally decided to quit nursing

    I am a second career nurse with 16 mos hospital experience. I left my first job (Med surg/tele) after 14 mos. I hated every day I was there but stuck it out to get in the first year. I moved to an IMC in a different hospital because most jobs I applied to were now asking for 2 years acute care experience. Goal was to do this for a year and move out of bedside nursing which is as stressful and grueling as many previous posters have written. This job was a bit better than my former one but still not great. I left after 2 months when I became the target of a bully co-worker who seriously sabotaged me several times. My thought was "Floor nursing is too d****** hard on a good day but now I have to contend with a sociopath along with everything else?" Manager was a wimp and gave me no backing. I resigned and vowed to myself..."No more bedside nursing for me, no matter what!" Less than 2 months later, I had 2 job offers. I accepted a position with the health department and am hoping that it will help me redeem my hope that nursing can be a rewarding profession. Have you looked at non-bedside nursing options? I wish you the best.
  8. eyeball

    If you had to do it over again would you?

    I think if were not for this website and the honest responses regarding nursing as a career, I think I would have gone mad long ago. What I mean is that it is here and only here where I have realized that my experience of nursing as a second career is rather common. I seriously regret going into nursing. I have had 2 jobs at the bedside and can attest to the truth of previous posts. I think of bedside nursing as a pink collar sweatshop where one gets to occupy a relentless,sloggy, hell for 12 hours plus.On top of the inevitable and endless demands of nursing, hospital administrators do NOTHING to back up the nurse when it counts. Hospital administrators are not the nurse's friend. I recently lost my job due to a serious case of a nurse bully/saboteur on my floor. Manager, HR, Higher-ups refused to deal with it. Maybe what I'm trying to say is that I discovered 2X over that there was no one to advocate for me as a nurse other than me. One needs more than that in a job. Bedside nursing is completely ridiculous. I have been very unhappy in this career.
  9. eyeball

    Are nurses nice to each other?

    Some are angels, most are ok, a few are just plain bad seeds. I just resigned from a new job I liked. I was 2 days off orientation and this particular bad seed grabbed me by the arm,verbally accosted me, and dragged me into my managers office. She was trying to get me in trouble. It's been devastating.
  10. eyeball

    All Hospitals the same?

    Long story short: After 13 months of suffering through my first RN job on a chaotic and unsupportive MS/Tele floor, I have been offered a new job at another hospital at an intermediate care unit. My initial impressions have been good (strong manager/ clean,new facilities, lower nurse pt ratio) but I realize I'm feeling just a little doubtful/fragile after the past year. I've had some mixed feelings about taking another hospital job. (It's very hard to find the community nurse positions everyone offers as an alternative to hospital work.) I feel relief at being able to leave the floor I'm on, but part of me is scared to death to work in another hospital. Another part of me is scared at being jobless. I have a lot of mixed feelings which are too much to go into here. My bottom line question is this and it's based on so much of what I read in AN: Are all hospitals the same? Are there any of you who found a large difference in units? Any tales of experience any of you can share will be appreciated.
  11. eyeball

    How can I get in the hospital?

    I agree, it isn't your age but a very tight market. One piece of advice someone shared with me not too long ago: 75% of jobs are gotten through networking. So, think about who you know who might have some position in health care who may be able to forward your resume, put in a good word for you at a hospital. It may be a friend of a friend of a friend but sit down right now and comb your brain for who these people might be. Then contact them! Also, spread the word amongst your people that you are actively job hunting and if they hear of anything, glean anything in their travels, to let you know. Best of luck!!!!!!
  12. eyeball

    At what point do you say something?

    My thoughts exactly...I'm too busy to notice how other nurses are performing their jobs. The only thing that catches my notice is that some nurses seem to sit around and have time to chat a lot..something I never have time for.
  13. eyeball

    day shift vs. night shift *vent*

    I had an interesting experience 2 nights ago. I work days and one of my best buddies from nursing school works nights and got my group of patients. She asked me "What needs doing?" at around 1850 or so. I said, "Don't worry-go do your pt research...I'll be ok." She then insisted on helping. So the 2 of us worked together to tie up loose ends, visited pts, rooms, I reported off to her and I stayed and helped her till she was up and running....maybe 20 minutes. It was fun, without rancor, smooth, and perhaps the easiest and most graceful passoff of pts I've ever done. I wish every day could be like that!
  14. eyeball

    RNs overworked/underpaid/unsafe staffing

    Oh yes I agree. I just came back from a meeting which left me with a combined headache/stomachache. We were informed that our already ridiculously busy floor/heavy workload would be increasing in several ways and that we were expected to suck it up and it would all be ok. When protests were made there were weak and feeeble assurances that they would be of help. They are not of help with the current workload which is terribly heavy. Why do they think I believe that they will be of help now? They sit around and do nothing but talk and laugh with each other and ignore the chaos feathering their "wanna be manager" nests. Our actual manager didn't have the b**** to show up at the meeting to deliver the bad news and deal with the protests. Hospital nursing blows.
  15. eyeball

    Desperately seeking encouragement in 1st year

    "...I cannot, for the life of me, figure out what in the world is wrong with me." Heartbreaking quote! I must be emphatic when I say there is nothing wrong with you!!!!!!!! It's an erroneous conclusion. The first year of nursing brings the best of us to our knees. Hang in there, remind yourself that difficult as it is, the likelihood is that you have the makings of a very fine nurse. Be good to you and avoid the kinds of thoughts that diminish you in your own eyes. It's a heck of a tough journey and you are so not alone in your experience.