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MaryAnn_RN has 15 years experience and specializes in ICU.


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  1. Masters With Open University

    Anyone here planning to do an MSc starting this October? Sent from my iPad using
  2. Don't you have a social media policy? Read it please.
  3. ICU fears!

    Two years experience is a good start for ICU. Make sure that you get a mentor. There are national ICU competences, PDN assists our new nurses with theirs. Hope you enjoy ICU x Sent from my iPad using
  4. RN's forced to do CNA work

    All of the above, plus put the rubbish out and clean the floor (itu sister) Sent from my iPad using
  5. Shocking story of the day

    I work in the Uk and our ICU uses steel needles to draw up meds.
  6. Help, failed out of a nursing program last week

    That is really good advice
  7. Florence Nightingale

    What about Mary Seacole? Mary Seacole - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia or Edith Cavell or there others here 25 Most Famous Nurses in History | Nurseblogger
  8. Survey: Impact of Design of hospitals on nurses

    Rumour has it that the new build section of our hospital has been designed so that it could be turned into a shopping centre. I went over to the shiny new section and for once rumour might be right.
  9. Survey: Impact of Design of hospitals on nurses

  10. Learning a Second Language Through Nursing

    i work in the black country and it has a slang all of it's own, and i've never had a patient ask to have a slash. people have said that they 'need to go to ground' which was totally confusing when i first came here. we have a large phillipino comm...
  11. Finally did it

    Had an interview today for an ITU band 6 and much to my surprise...cracked it! Am happy happy happy x
  12. Food for Thought....

    I seem to remember reading that in either the Sunday Post or the People's Friend - both Scottish publications - many years ago
  13. Do they check to see if you have your BSN/Masters degree ?

    We did have somebody working in our department who kept bragging about her Bsc (BSN) but was very evasive as to where/when etc. Having worked with her, I've often wondered if her qualifications were verified.
  14. I went for a job interview yesterday and was waiting to be seen. First thing I heard was the support working shrieking the length of the unit, at the top of her voice 'bloody hell, we forgot to give XXXXX her meal' and this was in direct earshot of ...