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Hi- I work at a community hospital with a 13 bed ICU. Currently, the nurses in ICU document a shift assessment q2h; this is a complete head to toe assessment. Is this similar to charting in other ICU's? Thanks, Trixie... Read More

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    Three ICU's in my hospital and three documentation ways:
    NeonatalICU - Full assessments q3-4 depending on the kids "care" schedule
    PedsCardiacICU - Full head to toe once, then neuro/resp/CV q4
    PICU - Full head to toe once, neuro q4 and other changes q4
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    Q2h head to toe assessment, hourly neuro checks if needed. VS q1-2h

    **We have a hybrid of electronic/paper charting and I swear that I spend more than 50% of my time charting. I feel like this electronic charting makes my work life he**. Charting was much faster when it was all paper. (I've heard from others that this is due to the incomplete system our organization purchased though.)