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  1. trixie

    Nursing Documentation in ICU

    Hi- I work at a community hospital with a 13 bed ICU. Currently, the nurses in ICU document a shift assessment q2h; this is a complete head to toe assessment. Is this similar to charting in other ICU's? Thanks, Trixie
  2. trixie

    Milk and Molasses Enemas

    There are still physicians at the hospital where I work ordering milk and molasses enemas. Is anyone else out there still using these?! If so, what is the procedure followed for mixing and administering? Thanks
  3. I would guess most areas of the country are similar to mine. The nurses all know one another or know someone at another facility. They all ask each other unofficially about people frequently. YES - I think mentioning scheduling difficulties (or even hinting at such) in an interview bumped you to the bottom of the list. No nurse manager needs MORE scheduling difficulties. You have to make it seem like you will revolve around them, not the other way around. Keep trying!
  4. trixie

    Considering nursing school, but I have a slight problem

    Dead people used to freak me out. It got easier. Hang in there!
  5. Perhaps working in a dr office. Or in a mental health unit. It is not impossible, but will not be easy for you. The problem with the situation is that most employers want you to have some basic med/surg experience that will be difficult for you to obtain with your physical limitations. Perhaps you need to speak with someone in the nursing program that you want to enter before you go any further.
  6. trixie

    Got fired... again. Should I not be a nurse?

    " forget med-surg, it is not relevant. Yeah, it's good experience but it's not what you want to do and you can learn the same skills elsewhere" Told you someone would disagree. People that disagree with this statement generally don't have med/surg experience and don't know what they are missing. It IS relevant, esp if she lost a job because she wasn't catching on quickly enough.
  7. trixie

    People you "know "coming to your unit for care

    I was the only RN on the L&D unit (left with a LPN). We had no patients. My former SISTER-IN-LAW came in as an outpatient and of course the doctor wanted her to have a VE. UGH! I discussed it with her, she was okay with it, no problem. But it was somewhat uncomfortable. Most people I know say they feel better having someone they know with them - so the discomfort may be just on your end. But we have definitely switched assignments around for the comfort of all involved. Not a big deal.
  8. trixie

    Got fired... again. Should I not be a nurse?

    What I see lacking in your experience is Med/Surg from an acute care facility. Many feel (and may post) that it is not needed. However, with a great mentor and med/surg experience - I would bet you would see your skill set improve. It seems you jumped into L&D/midwifery without this. I have seen others do it - but wouldn't advise it. Even a few years in med/surg will teach you much about organization, prioritizing, etc. What goes on in LTC facilities boggles my mind and I can't imagine that ever being my cup of tea. Best wishes to you. Don't ever give up on your dream - just tackle it a different way.
  9. trixie

    What nursing magazine should I subscribe to?

    If you have instructors as I did in college - never refer to them as magazines (even though RN bills itself as RN magazine I believe). Professionals have journals, not magazines. Pluses and minuses with all - but I preferred RN, also.
  10. trixie

    Ten Things I Love About Nursing

    We often hear what is wrong with Nursing - it is wonderful to read your post about 10 things you love about being a nurse! Great idea!
  11. trixie

    I need YOUR help/advice

    I would not mention it. You did not misrepresent yourself when you filled out the application. Hopefully this experience will be better than your last!