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  1. KJStarling

    Unethical? Illegal?

    Mine too, Sister! Mine too! take care, thanks for the chuckle! K
  2. KJStarling

    Unethical? Illegal?

    ppfffttt.... Stay out of it, if this neighbor is as obnoxious as she sounds anything you say to her will either fall on deaf ears, or encourage her to embellish her story more, maybe with you as a character in it! Nurses can and do perform piercings, and I read about some who do tattooing as well. Regardless I wouldn't waste much time on this lady, she sounds like a drain in the @55! Just my take! K
  3. KJStarling

    Nurses who come from abusive/addicted families

    I haven't read any studies, but it's true in my life... My parents have both struggled with addiction. Currently they are sober, unless you count the hoarding... which I do. I don't really believe their issues influenced my choice to become a nurse, but I think it makes me more compassionate, and also mindful of my own boundries. I have learned that I can't fix anyone, I can only be so helpful, and I must take care of myself to be effective. Good luck!
  4. KJStarling

    Am so upset.

    I'm sorry. This is really just wrong. We all value your words of wisdom, encouragement, and humor, and I am mad that your mother didn't. I know you lost a treasure. It sucks. You know what doesn't suck? YOU! I guess this will hurt for a while, but maybe when it's not so fresh you could try to write some of the big stuff down again... I really believe you have a gift, and it ought to be shared! Take Care! Kate
  5. I am shopping for new uniforms, and pretty frustrated. I really hate the way I look in scrub pants. I need more stucture, more tailoring, I just don't look nice in shapeless, baggy scrub pants. What do you think about wearing white trousers instead? This probably seems petty to some of you, but if I can't find decent pants I'm going old school and buying uniform dresses! I like to look pulled together at work. Anyone know of a uniform pant or trouser? Must be white. Thanks!
  6. KJStarling

    Best way to lift a sagging breast for apical pulse

    We actually did this in a unit I worked on, when the sternal rub didn't elicit a response... Imagine my surprise when the patient (male) started giggling! Anyway, I use the back of the hand trick too.
  7. KJStarling

    Management Pay

    I am leaving a salaried postition to go back to the bedside, and hourly pay. My salary looks awesome on paper, the benefits are great, until you factor in 60 + hour work weeks and 24/7 responsiblity... I will never take a salaried position again.
  8. KJStarling

    New Grads, Bitterness, and Maybe A Real "Nursing Shortage."

    Our census is sky high, and they still can't hire more nurses, because they have a hiring freeze due to the losses the hospital system took when the economy and stockmarket dipped...
  9. KJStarling

    "Medic" to replace the term "nurse"

    It's true, the first nurses were men, I know during the American Civil War they called these guys "loblollys..." 'cause they spent a lot of time hacking off gangrenous limbs... Anyone want to be called "Loblolly?" I'm thinking, not so much... Just don't call me late to dinner!
  10. KJStarling

    Is hospital work like an abusive relationship?

    I just want to point out that bad work relationships happen in all fields... It's not just in nusing. I had a boss who was like an alcoholic parent... Never knew what I was walking into... Giddy, happy, manic? Angry, rage-filled? Lethargic and despondant? This could change hourly... I think life is too short to devote your work life to miserable conditions and people. It's just too many hours of life being sucked out of you. Find another job! Search discretely, and persistantly and find work that doesn't drain you. Having a job you like to go to is worth so much more than money! Been there, done that! Good luck! PS Agency and Float Pool work both afford you a bit of distance from the drama that can occur on toxic units... It's a good idea! go for it!
  11. KJStarling

    Funny things you have said but wish you didn't

    OMG!!! I was teaching a class on Computerized Order Entry and someone asked how to order a "follow up." I stood up infront of the whole class and said very enthusiastically:"F U, I'd just enter F U!" The class laughed and I just about fainted...
  12. KJStarling

    Asking for Opinion/Advice from TEXAS

    I'm sorry that's awful, I agree you should go up the chain, but maybe you could enlist the help of some of the medical staff who agree and are sympathetic? This happened on a unit I worked on. We were ignored until our intensivist got involved. He basically involved the Medical Director who told admin that they wouldn't admit patients to the hospital if the ratio was dangerous. BTW we didn't actually approach him, he noticed how crazy the unit was and overheard some of the nurses talking about how scary it was.... I am sorry.
  13. KJStarling

    "I'm A Good Nurse" Syndrome

    I think that would be great, because honestly my boss has no idea what I do! My boss manages several teams, and I know the only thing she focuses on are crisis! My peers know how it roles and how I handle it. ALSO, peer review might force certain people to act more professionally... I think it ought to be random selection though, Something about healthcare seems to foster nepotism... You know my Health System actually has the nurses and staff CHANTING the equivilent of "WE ARE EXCEPTIONAL" before each shift... Do you know what everyone says in private? "How can EVERYONE be EXCEPTIONAL?" It is bizare, and I think it makes good employees feel like they've been downgraded, and it doesn't matter if they do a great job because every slacker in the building is "EXCEPTIONAL." This stuff started when they began push hard for Magnet status, so everyone thinks Magnet status is BS, too.
  14. KJStarling

    Telling The Truth: A Nurse Who Stutters

    RN0310 I think you're golden, but seriously if the DON seems that scary, maybe you should put some feelers out for a new gig... I mean firing someone because of the way they speak is really awful! What other lunacy will you have to deal with, when someone like that is at the helm? Just sayin'... Go get 'em Tiger! Kate
  15. KJStarling

    Telling The Truth: A Nurse Who Stutters

    If you gave me report, and said hang on a second, my stammer is acting up, I wouldn't care. We all have something that makes us different. I have had nurses say "I need a minute... I have a headache, I pulled a muscle, and I’m upset..." I know I've said similar stuff... When I was pregnant, I sucked at giving report! I felt like I had brain damage! Give yourself a break! If you're doing a good job most people won't mind! I doubt you can get fired for stammering... especially if you're being treated for it. I'd ask my speech therapist if he knew if a speech disorder is protected under the ADA... I bet it is! Good Luck! PS I had to google it, and there is a part in the Americans with Disabilities Act about speech disorders... So you could always talk to a lawyer if you're really afraid your DON will fire you...