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CCRNDiva has 7 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Level II Trauma Center ICU.

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  1. CCRNDiva

    Nurses: Hospital Red Flags

    I have to admit that I've asked what I thought were pertinent questions (such as how well do your nurses and docs work together, what are the weekend requirements, why do you have open positions etc.) and have been misled by the unit director. I did...
  2. CCRNDiva

    Emergency Nurse Practitioner Certification

    I just asked one of my instructors about this and she had not heard of it. I am anxious to see how it turns out. It seems like there should be some time of credentialing or certification to validate the ENP programs out here.
  3. CCRNDiva

    Looking for a clinically focused ACNP program

    Yes, I am currently enrolled in an ACNP program. I am looking to supplement my program with a fellowship after graduation though.
  4. CCRNDiva

    ACNP without research, theory, etc

    It is a very frustrating situation and I don't understand why the PTB and program directors are not listening. For you and your fellow students to have complained about the same deficiencies we, as current students, are complaining about is insane. ...
  5. CCRNDiva

    ACNP without research, theory, etc

    SFDRN, I have to agree with you. After a year of full time course work, I'm finally into my specialty courses, (ACNP w/ critical care focus). I thought I would finally get into the meat and potatoes of my major. Surprise, I have 3 presentations an...
  6. CCRNDiva

    Discouraged NP Student

    Don't pay it any mind. I received so much encouragement from the docs I worked with when applying to NP programs. Several offered to write letters of recommendation for me, while others offered to train me. Maybe they were all lying to my face whi...
  7. CCRNDiva

    Northwestern Memorial Hospital Interview

    May have been a blessing in disguise. I have not heard anything positive about Northwestern lately (and that includes current and former employees). I've also heard that it is not the most nurturing environment for new nurses with orientation repor...
  8. CCRNDiva

    RN-MSN? (no BSN)--bad move?!

    A lot of it depends upon the facility you would work in and their magnet aspirations. Some places require their nursing leadership to have a BSN or a MSN while others will accept an ADN with a bachelors or masters degree in the healthcare field. Fo...
  9. CCRNDiva

    Drug seekers :(

    I feel for you. This is why I like my patients truly sick and dang near dead.
  10. CCRNDiva

    FIRST travel assignment...afraid I have been low balled!!!

    Different assignments/locations pay different rates. I was quoted a take home of just under $1200/wk for a position in Ft. Wayne, IN that included housing stipend, but that area is also notorious for low nursing pay. Higher paying areas tend to pay...
  11. CCRNDiva

    Vanderbilt ACNP Intensivist Program

    Loyola University Chicago and the University of Maryland have additional course work in critical care included in their ACNP programs. You can choose to focus on either critical or emergency care at Loyola. Both programs include both online and in-...
  12. CCRNDiva

    I am at a crossroads

    St. Lukes in PA has an Emergency/Trauma NP fellowship. University of Maryland also has a trauma fellowship. Both programs look phenomenal to me and I plan on applying to both after graduation. A former colleague of mine completed some clinical tim...
  13. CCRNDiva

    Primary Care vs Specialty

    As long as the MD is willing to teach and nurture you as a novice, I would take the job over holding out for something else. A bird in the hand is better than 2 in the bush, as they say! I think your plan is sound; you could always supplement this ...
  14. CCRNDiva

    DPN/Nurse Practitioner vs. PA/Physician's Assistant

    I think you have to keep in mind where you want to practice and the laws in that state. For instance, PAs were given prescriptive authority in IN in 2008, while NPs had prescriptive authority here for years. Plus our state schools are just now sta...
  15. CCRNDiva

    Chicago "Nurses Night Out" nurses having fun

    I would love to attend an event like that!!