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    I read the following post on a student doctor's forum:

    "Agreed. CRNA's and nurses in general aren't the smartest group of people out there.

    The CRNA backlash has already begun. In response to CRNA's push for autonomy, anesthesiologists are supporting AA's and being careful how they train SNRA's. Long-term, both are very bad for the future of CRNA's. CRNA's had it pretty good for a while but a few militant of them became greedy and wanted more. I think most CRNA's will regret what a few have done to their profession.

    Once more anesthesia automation enters the OR, I think the point of autonomy will be less and less important because the team model will prevail in that setting.

    Ethicon Endo-Surgery Urges FDA to Grant SEDASYSŪ System Appeal ("

    Im wondering, what does this mean? What are the ramifications to CRNA's based on this post, if what he says is in fact true?

    This post was dated Nov.2010

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    Gosh, doctors are so pompous and arrogant. I'm curious to see what the CRNA's have to say about this.
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    Anesthesiologists can support whatever they want but their opinion really doesn't matter much in the grand scheme of things. What matters is money, and CRNAs are cheaper than anesthesiologists. I don't think it even takes government to make the decision to use as many CRNAs as possible and as few anesthesiologists as possible...hospitals make that decision themselves because they are looking at their bottom line, too.
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    "student doctors"...need we say more???
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    So, let's have a cross forum slug fest based on things people type on sites that are public? (in other words a 12 year old could be typing stuff.) Let's judge other providers based on this ranting while we are at it?

    I'm all for spirited debate but this is just inane.
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    Why even read this garbage? We have had many a thread on the SDN and we have to remember that they are student doctors, young people without any life experience and without a lot of street smarts.

    Give it a break - they are expert at NOTHING.
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    Seems to me that MD's support PA's and AA's more than NP's or CRNA's because the PA's and AA's are like their little puppy dogs. They get them from inception and teach them their base knowledge how they want it taught to them. NP's and CRNA's start with a completely different base set of knowledge and come into the picture with much more clinical experience and thus, more of their own ideas and techniques. Being an MD by itself demonstrates a person's propensity to be in control. PA's and AA's are much more controllable and it's to be expected that MD's will have an issue with NP's and CRNA's because they feel less in control. My ...
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    In our hospitals we have more AA's. I have asked a couple of our anesthesiologists and they said they prefer AA's because they work under the MD's liscense and did not have nice things to say about CRNA's. All of them said that while they enjoy the few CRNA's at our particular hospital, they will never hire another one. Kinda crazy. AA's are being pumped out of school like crazy and I am convinced that this is the begninnning of the end for CRNA's. I cant believe how many AA's there are out there!
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    Whats an AA?
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    I'm sorry, if the CRNA wants complete autonomy, then he/she needs to go to medical school for upteen years and become an anesthesiologist.
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