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  1. Noimanurse

    CNS educational programs

    Thank you.
  2. Noimanurse

    Height Fright

    6'1" or 6'2"...my sisters are that tall...I'm 6'9" or 81 inches, as well. Been a nurse for 2 years, bend at the knees, use your legs to lift. Drop your head at doorways, watch out for "pretty" decor lighting that some 5 foot person set up, find someone to make your scrubs, and Raise the bed to the highest setting...just remember to lower it before leaving the room. You'll be fine.
  3. Noimanurse

    CNS educational programs

    Where are the CNS programs? Any certain ones better than others? Any specific thing to look for in a CNS program? Due to my location, online will most likely be a necessity. Ideas and suggestions on schools would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I did it by working full-time friday, saturday, and sunday...then going to school through the week. Its not easy, but the mortgage, car payment, and food had to come from somewhere. Luckily my employer was very understandable occasionally because nursing school was not very understandable. My employer at the time had nothing to do with healthcare. Good luck.
  5. Noimanurse

    Floor nurses that make clinicals a bad experience

    Very true, while students may sometimes "appear to get in the way", they are still generally a help during the day whether it is vitals, baths, meds, or just an extra set of eyes, they can be a positive for everyone on the floor. When I was in school there was an extremely rude, arrogant nurse at one clinical site...so after a run in or two, our instructor just made sure she didn't assign any of that nurse's patients to a student. In other words, all the other nurses had help on our clinical day, the rude nurse was relatively on her own, as she deserved. How many times in a day or week would we not want an extra set of eyes, hands, or legs to help with something, lets work on giving those students a positive learning experience rather than a nerve rattling day for them.
  6. Noimanurse

    Where should I take the NCLEX?

    You can take the NCLEX anywhere, you just have to register/get licensed with your specific state licensing office. I'd use it for an excuse to travel to Alaska, but then again, that might not be possible.
  7. Noimanurse

    Paramedical Examiner

    I currently do part-time duty for one of those companies. The job itself isn't too bad, the companies supply the material such as lab kits, centrifuge, and such, but the pay sucks. I live in a rural area so that is probably part of the problem due to lack of population. If you live in a more populated area it is possible you could get enough cases weekly to make it worth your time. I too have been thinking about rather than working for an office, I would rather "hook-up" with one of those companies and run this as my own business. Just not sure on how to go about it.
  8. Noimanurse

    Fashionable scrubs - tall male

    Very true about getting them made, I've been using some cartoon bedsheets and having them made into scrub tops. Custom length rocks when you're 6'9" and I have pockets made big enough for my hands to fit. Oh yeah, and I have some cool He-man, Lion King, and smurf scrubs!
  9. Noimanurse

    RN with 2 years experience and still feel uncomfortable at times.

    Uncomfy comes with the job, unfortunately. I'm coming up on 2 years and while I certainly feel better about my ability to complete my job as I did when I started (at least my head doesn't spin every day, just every other day now). I probably annoy a few people, but I ask, and if I'm unsure still, I ask again, and if I'm still unsure, I ask again...and so on, but it has helped me greatly. Good luck!
  10. Noimanurse

    Fashionable scrubs - tall male

    check out http://cheap-scrubs.com/html/scrub-pants.html, I'm 6'9". I use style 309P, there is of course a lady modeling them, but they are unisex, have elastic and drawstring waist together so they stay up good. they are the tall size so the inseam is 36". They also are very durable, or at least they have been with me over the last couple of years.
  11. Noimanurse

    should I confess? 12-month full time then part-time for the rest

    How about getting 2 part-time jobs now, when its time for school, just quit one of those.
  12. Noimanurse

    When will they change the name???

    I always wanted to be short, problem is I think the word short is wrong, so I refuse to be short. Thats the only thing keeping me from being short, though. I've also always wanted to be rich, but my name is not rich and I think it would be wrong to be rich, if your name wasn't rich at birth.
  13. Noimanurse

    help in starting a medical supply business

    You may want to start by contacting a local Chamber of Commerce or small business association in your area. Many times there are small business associations set up and their primary reason is to give guidance in starting your business, figuring cash flow and expense, whether or not your area is saturated in whatever field you want to start your business and such. I would think it might even be a good idea to contact some local pharmacies, they may have some ideas for you, as well. Maybe before starting your own business you could find a medical supply company to work part-time for to learn the business. Good luck!
  14. Noimanurse

    Paramed examiners

    I'm an RN that has a full-time hospital job, but for the last few months I've been doing some paramed exams on the side that deal with life insurance exams, blood and urine samples, taking BP's and such for these life insurance companies. Problem is I do this work for a company that doesn't seem to pay well. I have just been wondering, what if I were able to set something like this up on my own and contract with these life insurance companies myself? Possibly "franchise" with the various paramed companies such as APPS or Port-a-med. Anyone have ideas or experience with this?
  15. Noimanurse

    CRNA Threat

    Whats an AA?