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  1. samirish

    NCBON: Is this an Invasion of privacy ?

    Wow. Sounds super humiliating....and super expensive.
  2. samirish

    setting alarm clock to take pain meds?

    When my son was going through numerous operations for a bone tumor, we were instructed to give him the pain meds on a schedule whether he felt he needed them or not. The reason being was to get "ahead of the pain". The one time, we didnt follow instuctions, was because he truly felt he was not in any pain and didnt want to take any more pills (he was 13yrs old)...sure enough the pain got ahold of him and the meds did nothing for him at that point. They ended up having to do a nerve block on him in the hospital at that point because the pain was so unbearable even after he already took all the pain meds his body could handle. Lesson learned: STAY AHEAD OF THE PAIN
  3. samirish

    Calling residents affectionate names?

    I find it condescending and unprofessional. I have heard some nurses who address the residents this way and I think some of them do it because they dont want to be bothered to remember the residents name.
  4. samirish

    Alcoholism: disease or choice?

    i could not have said it better myself. great post and i agree wholeheartedly. i do have personal experience and i believe it is a choice.
  5. I agree wholeheartedly! How awful! His behavior was truly disgusting.
  6. samirish

    Male going into nursing (hopefully)

    I dont recall getting territorial. However, I do recall stating a fact.
  7. samirish

    Male going into nursing (hopefully)

    In the program I'm applying to, it doesn't matter one iota if you are male or female. Applicants are accepted based solely on GPA and Teas scores.
  8. samirish

    Discussing Hygiene with Middle Schoolers

    I was just thinking of a couple of episodes of the A&E show "Hoarders" that I saw. The children that have to endure and live in the filthy homes say that they were teased terribly by their peers because of how bad they smelled (through no fault of their own)....their clothes and everything just stunk. (truly heartbreaking) Just something I thought I would point out as it may be something good to keep in mind.
  9. samirish

    Nurse's aides are running the the floor.

    I have worked as a CNA for 3 years. I am now in school doing the prereqs for the nursing program and I fully intend to join the RN program next fall. For the most part, when I worked, the nurses didnt bother me at all. I did my job and they did theirs. I did have a nurse say to me a few times " Mr. Smith needs some attention". I would go look in on Mr. Smith and sure enough, he would be lying there in a huge foul mess. Now, could the nurse have cleaned him up instead of coming to find me? I guess, but I never really thought about that. She has her own job to do and its not my business what she's doing. While its everyone's job to help the patients, I dont think its the nurses primary job to clean up a patient when they already have a cna assigned to them. When I am a RN, I fully expect cooperation if I ask a cna to give "Mrs. Jones" some attention when I have other duties to attend to.
  10. samirish


    Is it wrong? Well I guess that depends on the person. Interesting enough though, I just read a report a couple of days ago that says Facebook is now cited in one in five divorce petitions. wow, thats alot of people getting divorced over facebook.
  11. samirish

    RN of 12 years passing meds in nursing home? S L O W..

    I say take the job. Even if your slow, you will probably gain speed once you become familiar with it and start doing it every day. Good luck :)
  12. samirish

    Standards of Behaviour

    So all these things you listed are where patients and family can see it ..is that right?? Wow. It makes the staff look like a kindergarten class. When I was a patient or a visiting family member in the past, I looked at the nurses as an authority figure. I dont know, if I read that poster with all those items you listed I would be thinking to myself, "hey, I'm the one calling the shots! Im paying good money to be here and the service better be to my liking!".
  13. I have a Aunt who has been an alcoholic for the past 30 years. She is 57 yrs old. She drinks all day and every day. Most of the family will not have anything to do with her anymore but I check in on her twice a week (I live 2 blocks from her). Aside from what seems to me to be a permanent slur to her words and extreme clumsiness, she seems healthy. I cant even remember the last time she got a cold let alone anything serious. She says her good health is because of her "irish liver". My husbands childhood friend has been a alcoholic for 4 years. According to my husband, he also drinks every day. He was just admitted to the ICU with esophageal varices. All I know, is that its very serious and they are not sure if he will be okay or not. The last time my husband saw him was a couple of months ago and he said he looked kinda yellow then. (Im assuming from his liver). He is 27 years old. Im just amazed that one can be in a life or death situation after only a few years of etoh abuse and the other has been abusing etoh for what to some is a lifetime and she is fine (relatively speaking). Is there truly no way of telling who will get sick and who wont with alcoholics? Do genes really play that big of a role in how your body reacts like my aunt claims? I find it fascinating in a very sad kind of way.
  14. samirish

    Increase abuse of Bath Salts

    Gawd! People will inject themselves with anything, I swear. Never heard of bath salts though.
  15. samirish


    Im sorry you had such a bad experience. Just try to rise above it if you can. If you are unsure of a procedure, you tube has a ton of videos you can watch. Also if you need clarification on how to use a lift, take it upon yourself to ask a pta to demonstrate it for you. Good luck. Also, I just wanted to add that I too have had a similar experience to yours. My preceptor was horrible and would constantly disappear with no explanation. Once I even found him in the parking lot WASHING HIS CAR when we supposed to be working!